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Include the following in your outline: Name of enzyme you will use Name of organism (if applicable) The substrate and products in the chemical reaction Method for measuring enzyme activity Treatment: acidic fluid(s), pH, length of exposure, how you will treat your samples The control(s) in the experiment Hypothesis How you will present your data (table and/or type of graph) Anything else you would like to get feedback on before you start your experiment

Write a lab report that includes the following:

1. Title page: descriptive title, your name, course name, semester

2. Introduction: general background information about enzymes and specific information about your chosen enzyme, the question(s) that you are asking and a clear hypothesis for your experiment (20 points).

3. Design an experiment. Provide a detailed description of the materials and methods used to conduct the experiment. Identify control and experimental samples, as well as independent and dependent variables. Also include the methods used for data collection and analysis (20 points).

4. Conduct the experiment and record your results. Take picture(s) of your results. What did you observe? Present your data in table and/or graph format. Remember to label everything and include the unit of measure with all numbers (20 points)

5. Use your knowledge of enzymes and pH to interpret and discuss your results. It may be necessary for you to refer to the text book and course modules, lab manual and/or use additional information resources. What effect does the acidic treatment have on enzyme activity? Did you get the expected results? Explain. (20 points)

6. State a specific and accurate conclusion. Is your hypothesis supported by the results? Looking back, how could you have improved your experiment? (10 points)

7. Include a list of references to all information sources used in APA format (5 points).


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The Research Essay:  Students  are required to develop a 6 TO 8 PAGE investigative essay  on the following topic:


Chosen Topic:  Sex selection (and other genetic manipulations). What limits, if any, should be placed on the ability of prospective parents to guide or alter the genetic makeup of their offspring?


The final research paper applies ethical theories studied in class to a concrete biomedical issue in our   contemporary world. Here are some of the theories that qualify for the project: natural law theory, social   contract theory, utilitarianism, Kantianism (deontology), and virtue theory. 


Drawing upon those theories, the student will prepare a written (6 to 8 page typed MLA or CMS-style   pages) paper that addresses these current moral problems. Of particular importance is the student’s   ability to use ethical reasoning to formulate reflective positions on some of the more pressing moral   problems in contemporary society. Papers without this element tend to score at best a low B or C. The   paper is graded for the following sections:


I. Composition (15 points): Paper written well with attention to syntax, clear thesis statement,

consistent  paragraphing and proper citations style.

II. History of topic (15 points): set the context for the moral issue from 1960 onward. Do

NOT go back earlier without checking with the instructor first.

III. Pro/Con (20 points): what are the conflicting sides around the issue? Please note: using

only  websites like to set up this issue generally reduces the grade in this section.

Look for journal and newspaper articles that summarize the positions. These are better and

more  nuanced treatments of the conflicting sides.

IV. Application of ethical theories (30 points): I am looking for TWO treatments of the issue

from  two ethical approaches studied during the term. These should be in depth because this

section  is worth thirty points.

V. Personal Conclusion (20 points): In this last section argue for your personal analysis and

thoughts  on the issue. Make sure this section receives the treatment and development it

deserves !


Here is the rubric you will receive with your final paper:

15/15: Composition: Is paper written well with attention to syntax, g rammar, clear thesis statement,  consistent paragraphing and proper citations style or are there recurring problems with any of these?

15/15: History of topic: Does paper develop historical context for the  moral issue from 1960 onward in  a clear and chronologically coherent manner or does the paper fall short of doing this in specific ways?

20/20: Pro versus Con: Does paper spell out clearly conflicting sides of  the issue or does it only show  one side or is it entirely missing a pro/con section?

30/30: Application of ethical theories: Does author treat issue with two ethical approaches studied

during  the term in depth (or analyzes the issue with unusual and sust ained depth from the standpoint  of one theory)?

20/20: Personal Conclusion: Does author develop a concluding personal analysis that expresses their   standpoint on the subject in a thorough and clear way or does it sum up the issue superficially or is   the paper missing a genuine personal conclusion?


chemical on pond ecosystem

rerwrite the final paper.



explain why waititu is a daughter of four fathers


Introduction to Histology HW #1

Please answer in detail and by your on word, include picture and the references.

* Describe in detail the process and different phases of mitotic and meiotic division? In what cells types do these divisions occur?

The answer should be one page and half .



electrical or chemical synapse?

You are part of a team that retrieves a deep-sea worm from the depths of the Mariana Trench. You’ve identified two cells connected by a synapse in a preparation suitable for study.

a) How would you determine if the synapse is electrical or chemical (give 3 specific experiments with enough detail so it is clear how the experiment discriminates between electrical and chemical transmission)?


The monomers that make up polymeric carbohydrates, like starch are called

The monomers that make up polymeric carbohydrates, like starch are called


please read the article and answer the question.

This is a fascinating article.  Please go to 

Read the article carefully and follow the directions for the discussion.  

Did you know about colloidal silver?  

Do you believe it?  

Please do the research and create discussion for and against the idea.  I personally have been using it for 20 years to prevent colds and treat minor wounds.  Let’s talk about it.

1. Research a “reputable” article and be sure to make an active link to that article.  Paraphrase the article. 

2. You may NOT cut and paste your post!  Doing so will result in a 0.

I need 350~400 words.




Assignment 2: Managing Health Care Quality 

Imagine that you are a hospital administrator at the Sunlight Hospital in California. The main complaint among the patients is the quality of care. Your job is to understand the state of the hospital, create value, increase efficiency, and turn the facility into a local hospital of choice. Whenever you are making visits in various wards to meet the employees and the patients, you hear how the patients love the hospital, but they would like to see certain improvements in care. The employees seem to be very busy executing their duties and not interacting much with the patients. The hospital board has asked you to compile a report of your findings and suggested strategy for achieving the hospital’s current goals.


Note: You may create and / or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.

Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

1. Classify five (5) measurements of quality of care in a hospital, and justify the major reasons why you believe these measurements matter to patients in their process of choosing a hospital for emergency or inpatient care.

2. Specify four (4) main features in health care organizations that can be used to design a successful quality improvement plan. Articulate the significant manner in which the specified features can lead to failure or success of quality of care in Sunlight Hospital.

3. Suggest the salient reasons why quality of care would add value to and create a competitive advantage for the Sunlight Hospital. Justify your response.

4. Use five (5) recent (within the last five [5] years) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as quality academic resources.



Biologists designed an experiment to test the effect of compost on the development of root crops. They tested several different…

Biologists designed an experiment to test the effect of compost on the development of root crops. They tested several different crops, including carrots, potatoes, beets, and onions. They grew most of the plants in the greenhouse, but due to space issues, they had to grow some outdoors. They gave all the plants the same amount of compost. They obtained the compost from a local farmer and from the local hardware store. They ran out of the farmer’s compost, so some of the plants received that compost when the seeds were planted and other plants got hardware store compost after the plants had already started growing.

RESULTS: Some of the roots seemed really big. Other roots seemed normal or small.

CONCLUSION: They couldn’t tell what the effect of the compost was because the results were inconsistent.


what is the dependent variable and independent variable in this experiment?