MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project

MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project   The course project provides you with an opportunity to choose one medical law or medical ethics issue of special interest and to study that issue at a deeper level for further understanding and application. This five to seven page (double-spaced) paper must critically analyze the issues related to […]

Genetic – Fya /Fyb antigen polymorphism

  I posted 3 attachments as following: 1. rubric 2. article 3.instruction In instruction, it seemed a lot but only thing you are going to do is part 1 and part 3. In part 3, there are 3 part. a. Claim b. Evidence c. Explanation claim and evidence can be 3-4 sentences. explanation can be […]


Health Care Practices For this assignment, analyze at least three health care practices that create conflicts of interest for the stakeholders involved (e.g., physicians who receive samples from drug representatives). For each practice analyzed, develop and propose one strategy (or strategies) that would eliminate these conflicts. From an ethical standpoint, include your overall recommendations for […]

Assignment 2: Social and Behavioral Aspects(Chapter4)

Article link Copy and paste into browser. Read the article in the link above and answer completely, correctly  and concisely the following questions in two pages. Review quality of work  requirements in your syllabus. 1)In your own words, briefly describe the health problem (refer back  to page 22 in your text; be sure to […]

research paper summary

write a one-page 1.5 spaced summary of this research paper. Instructions posted below.       1. Read the paper several times.  2. Open a file, the end product needs to fit in one page. Type the following: Introduction  Materials and Methods Results Discussion Comments  3. once you have done the above, fill in each paragraph, in […]

Risk Management and Risk Assessment

In some health-care facilities, the risk management program also includes a health risk assessment program. Whereas, a risk management program is intended to reduce the incidents of malpractice lawsuits; to reduce preventable injuries and accidents; and, of course, minimize financial severity of claims; health risk assessment programs are more concerned with the education of staff […]