Discuss the role of ALAD in lead toxicology

Discuss the role of ALAD in lead toxicology 200 + words APA format


MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project

MHA 5101 Unit VIII Course Project


The course project provides you with an opportunity to choose one medical law or medical ethics issue of special interest and to study that issue at a deeper level for further understanding and application. This five to seven page (double-spaced) paper must critically analyze the issues related to the selected topic, with the textbook, web resources, and professional journal articles (which may also be found online) being utilized to complete the project. Please be sure to cite all references using APA format to avoid plagiarism. The paper must be submitted in APA format. Please contact the Student Success Center for complimentary assistance with APA formatting and writing tutoring.


In your Course Project, be sure to include:


·          Description of your selected issue


·         Discussion of how the issue impacts healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations


·         Impact of your selected issue on patients and families


·         Critical analysis of the issue, including at least one specific case example


·         Significance of the issue to the practice of healthcare administration


·         Recommendations for approaches to deal with the issue



Possible Course Project Issues:


·         Medicare-funded organ transplants


·         Medicaid-funded organ transplants


·         Death with Dignity Act of Oregon


·         Genetic engineering


·         Institutional review boards and medical research


·         Hospital ethics committees – roles and responsibilities


·         Medical staff credentialing


·         Disruptive physicians


·         Living wills


·         Durable power of attorney for healthcare


·         Ethics of managed care


·         Legal aspects of managed care


·         Universal healthcare – Is it right for America?


·         Cost-shifting in healthcare


·         The Joint Commission – role in healthcare


·         The Joint Commission – alternatives


·         Patient safety in healthcare


·         Complementary and alternative healthcare – ethical issues


·         Complementary and alternative healthcare – legal issues


·         Nursing practice – ethical issues


·         Nursing practice – legal issues


·         Allied health practice – ethical issues


·         Allied health practice – legal issues


·         Medical practice – ethical issues


·         Medical practice – legal issues


·         New reproductive technology – ethical issues


·         New reproductive technology – legal issues


·        Landmark cases – Select any one landmark case in healthcare law and present your own summary of the facts, issue, finding and reason. Critically analyze the case, and explain your agreement or disagreement with the court’s finding.


·        Other topics – The course project can certainly be completed on another issue not listed above. If you are selecting a topic which is not listed above, please obtain approval from your professor before beginning your work.


The Course Project is worth 100 points and is due by the end of Unit VIII.



Genetic – Fya /Fyb antigen polymorphism


I posted 3 attachments as following:

1. rubric

2. article


In instruction, it seemed a lot but only thing you are going to do is part 1 and part 3.

In part 3, there are 3 part.

a. Claim

b. Evidence

c. Explanation

claim and evidence can be 3-4 sentences.

explanation can be 3-4 paragraphs.



Health Care Practices

For this assignment, analyze at least three health care practices that create conflicts of interest for the stakeholders involved (e.g., physicians who receive samples from drug representatives). For each practice analyzed, develop and propose one strategy (or strategies) that would eliminate these conflicts. From an ethical standpoint, include your overall recommendations for eliminating conflicts of interests in the three areas that you selected with specific evidence and support from the literature. 

Your paper must be five double-spaced pages (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Utilize a minimum of two to four scholarly sources that were published within the last five years, and cite them in APA format.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


Assignment 2: Social and Behavioral Aspects(Chapter4)

Article link

Copy and paste into browser.

Read the article in the link above and answer completely, correctly  and concisely the following questions in two pages. Review quality of work  requirements in your syllabus.

1)In your own words, briefly describe the health problem (refer back  to page 22 in your text; be sure to include all the components of a  health problem description).

2)Identify (name specifically) the determinants of health using the BIG GEMS acronym.

3) How do the behavioral determinants contribute to the health problem?

4) How do the environmental determinants contribute to the health problem?

5) How do the socio-economic determinants contribute to the health problem?


Just answer those questions

Just answer those questions 


Carbon dioxide and global climate change

Follow instructions please cite and references APA format.





research paper summary

write a one-page 1.5 spaced summary of this research paper. Instructions posted below. 


1. Read the paper several times. 

2. Open a file, the end product needs to fit in one page.
Type the following:

Materials and Methods Results

3. once you have done the above, fill in each paragraph, in a few sentences try to capture what seems to be the essential parts of the paper. In the comments section, state what you think of the paper. For some reason, some people consider that needs to be harsh or negative, it does not. If you think the paper is terrible, you can say so, but most of the times, papers have gone through peer-review, so hopefully they are not bad. 


Risk Management and Risk Assessment

In some health-care facilities, the risk management program also includes a health risk assessment program. Whereas, a risk management program is intended to reduce the incidents of malpractice lawsuits; to reduce preventable injuries and accidents; and, of course, minimize financial severity of claims; health risk assessment programs are more concerned with the education of staff and patients about the connection between lifestyle habits and disease with an outcome of lowering potential risk factors for disease. In your opinion, do you believe that there is conflict between the goals of the risk management program and the risk assessment program when they are both part of the same program? Discuss who in the medical profession should be on the risk management program and why they should.

*Must respond to 2/3 classmates upon completion. Price includes!