Biopsychology Journal Article 1200 word. Please use the following link as the main source of the article  You must write a brief summary of the article and answer the following questions.  The questions you need to answer can be in bullet form  What is the main focus of the article? Who is the intended audience? Why is this article […]


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Artemia Investigation Report

 Type of paper: Lab Report Subject: Biology Number of pages: 15 Format of citation: Harvard Number of cited resources: 15 The recommended word limits guidelines for the report are; Abstract; 200-250 words Introduction; 500 – 1,000 words Methods; <800 words Results; <800 words Discussion; 1,000 – 1800 words Conclusion; <150 words

health administration

nstructions: In this scenario you have been hired by the World Health Organization. As a leader in the organization you have been assigned to assess a small developing nation and determine the most cost effective public health solutions to improve overall health in the country. You need to select public health options that will allow […]

biology Environmental science DQ

Identify any unusual environmental problems (for example: heavy metals due to mining, water pollution due to farming or industry) in your neighborhood and research possible health effects of potential environmental hazards in the area. Who is at risk, what is the environmental hazard, where does this hazard come from and what health problems caused by […]

Dental assisting

One page essay, topic: why are you interested in the dental program


NO PLAGARISM Refer to Chapter 9 “Weight and Body Management” and google the URL’s below. Write a 500-1000 word paper in APA format about one of the sections. “Miscounting Calories on Diet Foods”  “Normal Weight Obesity”  “Food Diary Diet Writing” “Extreme Healthy Eating”  IF YOU NEED ME TO UPLOAD PICTURES OF CHAPTER 9 LET ME […]