biology homework ASAP ( DUE IN 12 HOURS)

Attached is the article: Understanding, predicting, and manipulating the genotypic evolution of antibiotic resistance. You will use Figures 1, 2, and 3 and what you have learned about evolutionary relationships from Chapter 20 to answer the questions below:   1.     What is antibiotic resistance? 2.     According to the article, how can antibiotic resistance be reached? […]

HW 8

  Part 1. Google “Transforming a Clinician Into an Investigator”.  Click on the top hit.  Watch the FDA panel discussion and answer the questions below in your own words, together with your thoughts on the topic discussed. The video maybe slow to load, and you may have to create an account.   1.              Discuss […]

BASIC PLANT SCIENCE: 3 pager Lab Project about Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Laboratory Term Project  The final report will consist of 3 sections (below). A rubric will be provided to you depending on the nature of your project.  ??A written overview of what you did and what you found (3 pages, double spaced, 12 pt. font)  ??All of your data tables and observations ??Photographs of your plant […]

Biology tutor.

I have an upcoming exam tomorrow Thursday November 30. it’s general biology and about 40 questions long to finish in 1 hour. if your specialty in biology please contact m.