M7A2: Essay: Human Diseases and the Microbiome

Topic is emotion and mental health.


Write a 750 – 1000 word essay (3-4 pages, not including the title and reference pages) on what you have learned about the gut microbiome’s influence on the disease/condition you have selected.

Be sure to include the following points in your analysis:

1. How do scientists think the gut microbiome influences this disease/condition?

2. What kinds of research have been reported so far (e.g., just hypotheses or actual lab experiments using mice/other animals or human subjects)? Describe the research and ideas discussed in the video and your readings.

3. How would you describe the current level of understanding about the gut microbiome and the disease/condition you selected?

4. Are therapies or treatments now being used for patients with this disease/condition? Do you think this a good thing or a bad thing, and why?

5. Did you find any sensationalizing or grandiose claims being made for therapies that use the gut microbiome to treat this disease/condition? Do the claims differ from what you found in the research? Explain any differences you have found.

6. Would you recommend that someone suffering from this disease/condition try the therapies you examined? Why or why not?



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Application: Inheritance Lab


Have you noticed any similarities among you and your parents or other relatives? Even if you do not know your biological parents, you can guess some of their physical characteristics based on your own physical characteristics or phenotypes. You can do this by applying Mendelian genetics.


For your Application Assignment, complete the Inheritance Lab in which you identify your phenotypes for several physical characteristics such as the presence of dimples or a widow’s peak. Then, infer your possible genotypes, as well as your parents’ possible genotypes.


To prepare for this Application Assignment:


Consider what Mendelian genetics is and how you can determine genotypes based on phenotypes and vice versa.

Review the Inheritance Lab Background document (see attachment), focusing on the phenotypes you observe for the Inheritance Lab and how to identify genotypes associated with those phenotypes. Review the lab instructions in the Inheritance Lab Report (see attached), focusing on the steps you must follow and the information you must complete in the report. You may complete this report by hand as you complete the lab; however, by Day 7, you submit an electronic version of this document for your Application Assignment.

NOTE:  You do not need to purchase any materials to complete this lab.

The Assignment:

Complete the Inheritance Lab Report.


Reading – Epidemiology

Read the following account of a real life situation where the CDC investigated an outbreak and identified the infectious agent.

1.  What alerted authorities to the possibility of an infectious disease in the area? 

2.  What agencies worked together to investigate the outbreak?

3.  How did they determine that the culprit was a virus?

4.  Once the virus was indentified, the next step was to identify the carrier of the virus – how did they do this?

5.   THe researchers used a case- control study to understand the connection between the rodents and the individuals who became sick.   In this type of study, “case” households ( those where people who became sick lived) were compared to “control” households ( similar households where no one became  sick.   Explain the results of this study

6.  What was the name of the identified virus?

7.   Was this a new disease?


Biology Case Scenario (Professor Anthony ONLY)


Case Study:




Your hobby is spelunking (cave exploration), but recently you haven’t been feeling too well. The doctor diagnoses Histoplasmosis (Histoplasma capsulatum ).


This is the question that needs to be answered in the paper:


Why or how would a relatively inexpensive respirator have prevent this illness?


**attached are the guidlines for the paper.**



Analyze Your Energy Expenditure (Due Oct 7, 2018 2:30pm EST)

For this lab, you will be calculating your metabolic needs based on your basal metabolic rate and energy expenditure. Keep a 24-hour log of all of your activities – including sleeping, sitting, walking, exercising, housework, everything! Fill in your Activity log (attached) and include it in your lab write up. Answer the following questions:  What is your basal metabolic rate – the number of calories you burn when sleeping, sitting, standing, doing nothing? See this calculator  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.for guidance on how to calculate your basal metabolic rate. Show your work. What is your total energy expenditure (add together your energy expenditure from all activities)? Considering your nutrient intake (from your week 3 food log) and your total energy expenditure (from the prior question), do you take in more calories than you burn – a “positive energy balance” – or fewer calories than you burn – a “negative energy balance”? Make sure you provide specific values for nutrient intake versus energy expenditure in responding to this question. What do you do for physical activity, if anything? Make sure to specify the type of activity, duration, intensity, and frequency. Do you get enough physical activity? If not, why not? If so, how are you able to make that happen? What changes can you make to your current exercise regimen to improve your conditioning and optimize your health? If you do not currently exercise, what kind of exercise regimen can you reasonably establish?

Make sure you include your table and respond to all the questions THOROUGHLY. Include references for all sources used, in APA style.

Calculate TDEE – Daily Calorie Requirements


Seeking an A on this assignment! Great workers only need apply!!

This assignment is due tomorrow by 3PM CST!!!!! Please NO PLAGARISM!!!  This paper must be in APA Format. Please include a title Page. Please follow the instructions below to write the paper:

 Childhood Immunizations

Review and research the following websites:American Academy of Pediatrics Web site at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services site at Children’s Health site at www.kidshealth.orgThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Immunization Action Coalition site 

Write a 2 page paper.  

Address the following in your paper:Identify the recommended childhood immunizationsExplain the dose schedule, the side effects, booster needed, and the potential complications of each immunization


Biology Proposal

I need a 3 page proposal that indicates the Color Differentation Vision in flying insects ( in Swallows). The proposal should include the aspects considering this topic and how it works and the major steps for it. It shouldn’t be an essay. It gives an idea of what the essay should be about and what are the points the essay will be focusing on. In the proposal, there should be at least 3 sources to cite from and include information from them, it has to do with Color Differentation Vision in flying birds. So you can find a source that talks about these aspects and how it works and cite from it.


Biology Essay

 Topic: Central Nervous System

ESSAY TOPIC.  No quotes. No paraphrasing. All in your own words and turned in to the proper assignment slot in CANVAS. What area of your brain is most vital to your studies (in general) and what area is your strongest long term storage? How does that work?your thoughts on the lectures/links/discussion, with an eye to critical thinking and supporting your arguments with DATA. (5 paragraphs please: intro, body, conclusion) (Graded)


bio lab

bio lab questions answered 


Fermentation Post Lab Questions

Attached is a fermentation lab due tomorrow before noon. Please answer just the post lab questions at the end. No plagiarism, due tomorrow at 10:00am EST.