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For this part, I just want you to give some thoughts and ideas who may have to solve this issue. You will get full points unless you write gibberish in the answer box.  Towards the end of the video, certain socioeconomic factors are mentioned that may contribue to cancer health disparities. Express your thoughts on […]

Human appendix and Gene's Rate Evolution

The human appendix, a vestigal extension off the large intestine, is homologous to a structure called a caecum, generally larger than our appendix, and houses bacteria that aid in digesting cellulose, the main component of plants. Explain how the presence of the appendix might be used to show our common ancestry with other mammals, and […]


Lab: RNA In this lab, you will learn about the types of RNA molecules and you will study the details of transcription and translation. Objectives:   Learn about the types of RNA molecules produced by cells.   Study the details of transcription and translation. Time Requirements: This lab should take two hours to complete.

Becoming Limitless Review

What will written goals do for you Remember the Harvard group This is important – because most people do not have an actual answer to the question ‘what is your goal’The hustle and bustle of our daily lives only seems to be ever increasing. We have more information bombarding us every second, weather it be […]


  What Is Life?       Part I: Media Relevancy           Within the Multimeda section of the University Library use the Science Online, Today’s Science, or World News Digest for this assignment.       Write a 100-200-word response to the following questions.   Include reference citations.      Present […]



Analyze data

Need help working and analyze result. I already have the graphs ready. Just clarify and explain.

biology lab

Instructions: Complete the following pre-lab activity prior to attending lab. You need to print and complete this document and turn it in by the beginning of lab on Thursday. This week we will be using microscopes and professionally prepared/stained slides to identify the various stages of the cell cycle in onion root tip cells. We […]


This term paper is due in 7 hours (9:30am eastern time). It needs to be 3 pages on one of the suggested topics listed below. Please let me know your best rate and how soon you can have it completed.     Requirements: 1. The paper must be at least 3 pages (single spaced) in […]