Mike was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He is feeling good and has not noticed any changes in his health. Sam, his twin, has not been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. They both like the same activities and foods. Mike does not understand why

Digestion is the process by which our body breaks down the foods we eat to provide obtain its energy, essential nutrients and other chemicals that are critical for life. Understanding the digestive process will help you evaluate the myriad of nutrition claims we are confronted with every day. Our body makes energy from the carbohydrate […]

Bio paper- homosexuality ( is it genetic )

 The topic of your term paper is to relate to current research within the field of biologuy   I have chosen homosexuality as  the topic of my paper. also make a small 12 slides power point resume of the paper . Make the power point easy to understand and to explain , as I am […]

Obsessive-compulsive disorder PPT ( PPT on OCD ) (OCD Presentation)

  Power point presentation of Obsessive-compulsive disorder PowerPoint in which you compare and contrast the major approaches to clinical psychology—psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and family systems—in relation to the selected disorder. Address the following items: · Discuss the philosophical origins of each approach. · Identify the goals of each approach. · Describe the techniques and strategies […]


  Class, this week we are working on essay two! Let’s try to help each other out. Here are the instructions. (For the title of your initial post, use the topic you chose from the song. Example: Terror on the Airlines) Part 1 (Essay 2–Paragraphs) First (in your initial response), post at least two paragraphs […]

General Biology Essay: Stomach Cells

Your organs are wonderous things, each one with a different function vital to the homeostasis of your body. While it is easy for us to view a particular organ as a single item, it is in fact comprised of many different types of cells and structures, each one unique and yet each one working together […]

response for two discussion(100words)

1. You verify that their website exists, it is not a .com or .net website and that their information is correct according to that website.  Make a post letting us know that you have done this and you verify that student’s information. 2. Then, you must research a different website with similar information to confirm […]

SCI 115 Week 3 Light Spectrum and Plant Growth

   Instructions: · Go to the following Virtual Lab Website http://www.glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/virtual_labs/LS12/LS12.html  · The virtual lab runs under Flash. You may need to enable your browser to run it.  · Watch the short video clip about the white light spectrum and the pigments in plants. · Using the controls to run the experiment, collect data to […]

I need help with this question

Please I need help in my assignment. Its a lab paper from 1-2 pags. I want to make it simle and there is a question about what I learned from th lab and the answer is ( I was the first time enter a farm for sheep and goat and I learned how to feed […]

Discussion Board

  Based upon your readings in this week’s Reading & Study, what is microbiology? Why is it important to understand? In what ways do you see the work of microbiology at work around you (i.e. in television programs, in your work place policies, and in everyday life processes)? Additionally, express what this scripture means to […]