•                   Explain the relationships between individuals on the pedigree. •                   Explain the chances of patient’s mother, patient, and male offspring being affected by the condition. •                   Explain how the chances of the patient having a child with a specific syndrome differ depending on whether the patient is a carrier. •                   Explain the results of the […]

Is Jamar getting enough dietary protein to achieve his goals? What are the recommended guidelines for protein intake for athlete wanting to gain weight? Is it detrimental to consuming diet containing too much protein?

  Jamar is a 17 year-old high-school junior who has a chance of starting as a linebacker on the football team his senior year. He is 6′ tall and weighs 175 pounds. His coach has recommended that he gain 10 to 15 pounds over the next eight months, but not at the sacrifice of his […]

biology assignment

  Write a one to two page summary of the following learning objectives: the main pathogens in processed meats Listeria monocytogenes as an environmental contaminate the differences in microbial environments of raw meats, raw ground meats, and cooked meats the main characteristics of seafood biota the three main bacterial pathogens in seafood and nematode contamination

Report on an article

,   All I need is a report on the above article (click the link)  -Write a summary of this article. 1-2 paragraphs.  -Write your opinion and do you agree or not. It is basically a response. 1-2 Paragraphs.   I need it as soon as possible

Prompt 8

Prompt/Topic: There are several theories about the mechanisms behind the aging process. Explain each of these theories. Which do you think is the most accurate theory? Defend your answer.   If I can get this ASAP! Would be great.. thanks   Cite your references

Intro to Biology

 BIOTECHNOLOGY PAPER. This quarter, you will complete a project which will culminate in a 5–6 page paper on an established or emerging biotechnology. The project covers both the biological basis of the technology, as well as its benefits, drawbacks, and ethical aspects. The project is broken down into four stages, with deliverables due at each […]

Lean Body Hacks Review

This is pretty simple. Nobody is going to eat foods they do not like for very long. However, sometimes liking something is a matter of getting use to the real taste of food. If you a whole milk drinker, skim milk can taste terrible – until you get use to it, that is. After adjusting […]

watch movie and write paper

Type up your notes taken from the movie “Tapped” in bullet point for ( 1.5 pages in length double-spaced) then a  half page reflection on the movie double spaced. And create five multiple choice and true/false questions related to the movie Tapped(  You are each to create five multiple choice and true/false questions that you think best […]