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6 page paper due in 10 hours

  A brand new chemical plant that produces Sodium hypochlorite. This chemical is used for making liquid bleach for household cleaning products (e.g. Clorox). The plant will produce 600,000 gallons a week.  The plant will distribute the chemical to manufacturers to make cleaning products for stores/retailers. You are the consultant that is hired implement a new supply chain […]

Nutrition Project – BIOLOGY

Essay including Food Chart , Exercise tracking   Format:  Headings appropriately used. Cover/title page correct format: title of paper, your name, course number, date submitted. The cover page and reference/citations page do not count as pages of your report! Times New Roman 12 point font ,1 inch margins Page numbering with correct format Double spaced […]

Biology Homework

I have an essay and i want to fix it for me please. Just do (  fixing grammar,  taking things out you don’t need or would go on the methods section,check the spelling and try to not use pronoun). Also, use APA.  I have result from a cross fruit flies(drosophila) and please do Chi square […]

Biology problem for Lady Hawkins

Cellular Communication: Autocrine, Paracrine or Endocrine?As you are learning, your body and the bodies of all organisms are highly complex, comprised of many different types of cells, each with a vital function that is required for the body’s survival. There are mechanisms that act like lines of communication, allowing different cells to communicate. Messenger molecules […]

Research Paper.

I have to do a science research report on colon cancer.  Please use times new roman and 12 point font. 

Advanced texicology

  Unit VI Journal Post a one- to two-paragraph Journal discussing your thoughts on biological warfare. Things that you may include in your Journal include immediate effects, long-term effects of these toxins on multiple generations, as well as the effects on the environment.

Can Eating Insects Save the World?

Watch the BBC documentary, “Can Eating Insects Save the World?” (59 min). Copy the questions below and answer them in the text box. You can also copy and paste from the file provided. THIS IS A WRITING ASSIGNMENT so take care in preparing your responses. There should be at least 5 paragraphs and 350-500 […]