biology major please coming in 3 essay question

The following are some possibilities for the essay question for this exam.  Remember: to get full credit, you need to fully answer every part of the question.  Try to break it down into components, outline your answer, and check back to the prompt to make sure you’ve addressed everything.  As always, cite your sources.   1)  A […]

LAB report 12 HOURS( 2 PAGES)

DO NOT DO RESULT SECTION  This lab report will cover the transformation of E.coli  and the restriction digest of the plasmid (labs 5 to 8). Use the Standard lab report format and include the following  – Overall objective  – Background to what you were trying to do  – Methods – used to create reagents and […]


It has been established that the Right to Health Care is not a guaranteed right in American law. Despite this, there have been many legal enactments that have incrementally moved in that direction without expressly granting it. After reviewing the background readings as well as doing your own research, draft a 1- to 2-page position […]

Just For Microbiologist.!!!

Hi, I’m working on research about Thermophile bacterea. So, I need someone to write an introduction about Thermophile bacteria. For example, some facts of these bactera, the habitat, the classfication, and any thing important about thermophile bacterea. One page and half.!!! Two sources is enough, MLA format. You have like 14 hours to finish it. […]

Can you help me with this question with apa format and reference.

  Click here for the SCIE 206 Library Research Guide: This guide illustrates how to use the AIU Online Library to find information for SCIE 206 including web resources, encyclopedias, articles, and book databases.Organisms are placed in taxonomic classifications based on differences and similarities of their traits. If you know what critical traits to look for, it […]