Nutrition Paper

Most of you have probably wanted to know more about a topic in nutrition.  This is your chance to do so.  So choose a topic that is of interest to you but the topic has to relate to nutrition.   This is a nutrition class not a health class. For example, you can discuss heart […]


HSA 550 WEEK 6 DISCUSSIONS “Emergency Preparedness Response” Please respond to the following: • After a disaster event, the local public health community is impacted with an increased burden of diseases. Develop a public health preparedness response to address the scarcity of resources available during an emergency disaster. Note: Refer to Figure 15-1: Crisis Cycle […]

Health Care Roles in Communication

Final Project: Health Care Roles in Communication Knowing how to communicate in all health care roles is important. There are many areas of health care, so a diverse understanding of each will not only help you as a health care employee, but will also help the patients you meet. Being aware of the different communication […]