Chapter 14 Discussion Questions

(14-2) Following the end of the school year, you celebrate a great semester by gorging on pizza. Assuming that your pizza has several meat toppings, discuss where in the digestive tract those meat toppings will be digested. (Only the proteins.) 

(14-1) As the food is chemically digested by the stomach, the pH of the gut fluids becomes very acidic.  However, when the chyme is further processed in the small intestine, the gut fluid pH cannot remain that acidic.  Explain the physiological processes that occur to chyme as it enters the duodenum to ensure that the pH is not damaging to the small intestine 


Beat the Excuses That Keep You From Losing Weight

You should be performing 2-3 total Ketogenic Accelerator Review body strength training sessions per week. Are you a bodybuilder. If not, stop training like one. Forget about body part splits and other creative ways to divide up your strength training. Instead, train your entire body 2-3 non-consecutive days a week. Fifteen years ago, like many people who weight trained although not many women, I divided my strength routines into body part splits like Legs, Back and Biceps one day and Chest, Shoulders and Triceps the next. When I think about it now, it doesn’t surprise me that so many serious lifters ended up with shoulder injuries. Luckily, I wasn’t one of them. Our body works in an integrated fashion and true muscle isolation is pretty much impossible so lots of shoulders were being over-trained, big time.

Back then, besides your basic circuit program, most workouts were based on the bodybuilder model. I don’t know why because it really makes little sense if you think about it but that’s how it was done. But as Maya Angelou says, When you know better, you do better so I long ago moved on from that method and now spread the gospel of total body training.


health informative

 there are 3 assignments that are related together , the first one is creating website , 2nd just the draft and 3rd has to be completed.


 1) first assignment,, introduction to creating your own web site using modern tools. This does not require programming. You need about the same technical ability as creating a PowerPoint. You can use any website building tool you wish. Two examples of website building tools that other students have successfully include and
Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Select one of these or any web site building tools.
2) Create your own url web site address.
3) Add a few words and one picture/image. At this point, you can just say “Hi mom!” or whatever you want (as long as it is “G” rated and grammatically correct). You will develop wonderful rich content starting next week.
4) Optional – Go into tools and remove your site from search engines so someone would need to know your specific web site address and type in specific characters such as” This protects the privacy of your work without requiring passwords for someone to view your site.
5) Publish and test your url. It is wise to try it out in a separate browser than you created it to verify it works.
6) Place your url in BB under the Week One project assignment
7) Congratulate yourself and celebrate! (especially if this is your first site)

Example – Building a web site using


2) Course Project Draft – Assignment 

Health Informatics is a rapidly evolving field with a wealth of rich, current, credible and helpful resources on the Internet and accessible via mobile health apps. So, have fun some fun with this assignment browsing and learning about health informatics-enabled resources. Then, select several web sites and develop a review of what you find helpful content in each selected site. Include a blending of government, non-profit, for profit, educational, and consumer-driven sites to provide a rich diversity of perspectives. Additionally, you are welcome to include reviews of mobile heath apps.

Target your Course Project web site to be a reference for a specific audience and include a brief introduction. For example, you may focus this as a guide for:

– Fellow public health, health administration or nursing  students,

– Professional groups such as for nurses, healthcare administrators, physicians, etc., or

– Health care consumer or someone working somewhere in the healthcare ecosystem.

– Specific groups of consumers (kids, seniors) or people with a specific health condition (diabetes, heart condition)


he following are examples of previous student course projects:

Example project more nursing focused: Health Informatics For Nurses

Example project more health promotion/public health focused: A Breath of Fresh Air:Tech Resources for People Living with Asthma 

  Additional Potential Project Resources

Possible resources you could incorporate and reference in your project:

Government/Regulatory Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, (AHRQ) and more specifically for Health IT Human Resource and Service Administration (HRSA) Office of Health Information Technology Institute of Medicine National library of Medicine

Associations American Academy of Family Physicians – Center for Healthcare Information Technology from American Academy of Family Practice American Medical Informatics Association American Nursing Informatics Associationw American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) Center for Health Information Management Executives Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) HIMSS Davies Award of EHR Excellencew

Journals Healthcare Informatics Journal Health Data Management Journal IHealthbeat from California Health Care Foundation

Standards/Connectivity Standards Committee Heath Level 7

Telemedicine American Telemedicine Association

Mobile health mobihealthnews

Commercial – Example Health Information Technology Vendors – not intended to be all inclusive Allscripts Epic Cerner GE Meditech

References Epocrates MD Consult UpToDate

Blogs/Social Networking Sites Life as a Healthcare CIO, John Halamka, MD The Healthcare Blog Physician Collaboration

Consumer/Patient Education Sites Children’s Health Mayo Clinic Patients Like Me Microsoft Health Vault My Health-e-Vet WebMD


3) Its just the attachment ( HTM 310 Course Project Website 4) and at this point the website has to be done. There are good examples for this project.  


Intro to Biology


“Keystone Species, Shrinking Red Knots, and Biomes”

For your primary post, please respond to one of the following three topics with a post of at least 125 words that addresses each point given in the instructions. Also, please reply to at least one fellow student on any topic.

Topic 1 :  Keystone Species. Watch the video entitled “Some animals are more equal than others…” (1)* Then completely describe the concept of a keystone species, giving specific examples from the video. 

Topic 2 [articles]: Shrinking Red Knots. Read two of the following three articles about shrinking Red Knots (2)*, (3)*, (4)*, or research additional information on your own. Then, address the following issues:    (a) Explain how the lifecycle of the Red Knot depends on hatchlings emerging at the same time as the insects hatch.   (b) What are the long-term ramifications of having a mismatch between the bird hatch and the insect hatch?  (c) Of the two articles you read, which of them do you feel was most informative?  Why?

Topic 3 [research]: Biomes. The term “biome” is described in the textbook. For this topic, describe the biome where you grew up (or where you currently live). Identify your location, the biome of the region, and describe the major characteristics of that biome. Add enough detail and commentary from your own experience, so that your answer is 125 words or more. If you’re really ambitious, you could consider looking up the EPA “ecoregion,” which will give additional details about your region. 

*References (in Strayer Writing Standards format). HHMI Biointeractive, May 3, 2016, Some animals are more equal than others: keystone species and trophic cascades., Helen Briggs, May 13, 2016, Shrinking bird pays the bill for Arctic warming, Joseph Dussault, May 12, 2016, Climate change chould be shrinking these arctic birds, Carl Zimmer, May 12, 2016, Climate change and the case of the shrinking red knots,


public health

Based on feedback received regarding your motivational memo in the discussion forum, revise your work and submit a final draft of the memo as a PDF document.

As with all assignments in this course, the expectation is that multiple credible resources are located, synthesized, and presented in your own words with proper citation per APA guidelines, in-text citations, and references.


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Cultural Influences.” Please respond to the following:   You  are meeting with an international client in the Middle East and want to  make sure you have addressed any cultural issues that might impact the  success of your meeting.    Numerous  theorists discuss cultural concepts. Using this information as a basis,  discuss the concepts you would want to analyze and evaluate in order to  prepare you and other company executives for the upcoming meeting.   Which of the concepts you discussed would be the hardest to analyze? Why?   Describe  a worst case scenario involving the muddling of culture concepts. What  steps could you (or your company) take to ensure something similar never  happens to you?


Pathophysiology class– Capstone 2: Bone Marrow aspiration and biopsy

Hello this assignment is due March 5, 2018 before 11:59 pm central time .  please read the instructions below. No plagiarism please.. .


Click on this link and watch this video regarding a bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Explain what this procedure is and why do they do it? What are  doctors looking for? Why do you think this procedure is so painful? The  paper should be no more than 3 pages in length and when citing your  resources, please make sure to use APA formatting within the paper as  well as in the bibliography.


Biology lab

Its a biology lap reports to be done on escience by tomorrow. There are 22 lab reports to be done with result pictures.


HLTH – 556 DB 4 – Urgently Required. 10-12 Hours. Need A + Work

Looking at Table 7 – 1 “Excerpts from the preamble of the Constitution of the World Health Organization” in the McLaughlin & McLaughlin text, determine which of the statements you agree should be used to define Health Policy in the United States? Which would you exclude from your policy? Support your conclusions with content form your textbook and outside readings.


 Your thread is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, and your three replies are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Saturday. 

I need one Main Post (Minimum 400 words) and three Responses (200-250 Words each)

Below are the specific requirements for each part of this assignment.


· Must be at least 400 words.

· A minimum of one source is required (course textbook may be used).

· Citations used should be formatted in APA.

· Should thoroughly address the topic prompt, using citations as appropriate.


· Must post at least three 200–250-word replies to your classmates/instructor per forum.

· Should expand upon ideas expressed in your classmates’ threads by adding new ideas to points that you agree with and/or explaining areas of disagreement.

· Should be posted intermittently throughout the forum.  Do not complete all of the replies at one time; instead, allow for conversation to develop by posting multiple times throughout the week.

· A minimum of one source per reply is required (course textbook may be used).

· Citations used should be formatted in APA.

I have attached the Discussion Rubic as to how the Main post and Responses would be Graded. Please follow every single Instruction. There is a Video attachment too that NEEDS TO BE USED doing the work

I have also attached the Main post of two students and one for instructor you need to respond to. Please send me the main post as well as the responses

Required Resources:

McLaughlin, C. P., & McLaughlin, C. D. (2015). Health policy analysis: An interdisciplinary approach (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. ISBN: 9781284037777.

American Psychological Association. Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (Current ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

 Iverson, C, Christiansen, S, & Flanagin, A. AMA Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors Current ed. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.  

Requirement from Instructor: 

 I want to encourage you to spend some time this week as you go through the Worldview assignment and not just throw something up. I think that we miss the point of a Christian Education if we don’t pause on occasion and reflect on our worldview and how it effects the view of our society. I know last week was some heavy lifting so breath a little deeper this week and enjoy a simple and personal reflection. I am always excited to read your reflections in week 4.  


BIO 201 Portfolio Project (CC)



Paper and Powerpoint Topic: There is a prevalence of sedentary lifestyles that do not promote engagement in physical activity all over the United States of America.  Atlanta, Georgia – where I am based – is no exception. .  Contemporary human beings do not engage that much in physical activity due to advancements in science and technology that lower the desire to move about or engage in physical activity on the part of many people.  Previously, before the late phases of industrial revolution, people used to engage in physical activity, for instance by walking, or digging land, or doing hunting and gathering.  However, contemporary human beings rarely engage in such activities that were ubiquitous in the world of ere.  I have chosen to investigate the consequences of less indulgence in physical activity by contemporary human beings in my project.  What is more, I will explore the solutions that are likely to be effective in addressing the public health risks posed by the conundrum of lack of engagement in enough physical activity by my contemporaries.  Additionally, using the essential tenets of public health, I will postulate measures that can be undertaken to reduce the prevalence of the phenomenon.  I will use my local community of Atlanta, Georgia as a sample due to the universal prevalence of the problem under investigation.

Your Portfolio Project for this class is a Community Action Plan designed to alleviate or correct a public health issue in your community.  Your community can be your business, school, neighborhood, town or city of residence or birth, or county.   For Option #1, your Community Action Plan will be a professional portfolio that includes a written report and a slide presentation.   Below are some useful sites where you can find examples of the elements of an action plan.  

Final Paper Instructions:  

1.The final case study should include four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention). Each section should be about 1 page in length. Your entire paper must be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages, which must be included. 2.You must cite and integrate at least 2 credible sources in each of the four sections of the paper. You may use readings other than the textbook to meet this requirement. The paper should be based on references to scholarly materials (rather than on introductory textbooks, popular website writings, or musings, for example) and should support your claims with evidence. 3.Incorporate into this final plan any classmates’ critiques that you found useful as well as your instructor’s feedback. 4.List the key community members or partners that you plan on contacting, with an explanation why these individuals or organizations make sense as potential partners. 

Include a special emphasis on either the demographics of the affected population or the economic implications, depending on what Critical Thinking assignment you completed for Week 5. 6.Include a realistic timeline for your plan. Discuss the time needed for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation. Use ideas created during week 6 Critical Thinking Assignments, either the option for annotated bibliography or that for the brainstorming draft feedback.


Final Instructions for Slide Presentation: 1.The slide presentation describes the problem in your community and your action plan. 2.Your presentation must be 8-10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides.  3.Your presentation must be supported by at least two scholarly articles. 4.You may use a web-based slide presentation software such as Prezi, for example, or you may use PowerPoint. If you use a web-based tool, include the URL to your presentation in a Word document and upload it with your presentation. 5.The audience for this presentation will be community members or organizations you wish to educate about the public health issue and your proposed plan. 6.The purpose of this slide presentation is to educate the audience about the issue. Keep in mind that in real life you will have limited time to convince people of the gravity of the situation and to come on board with their support, so you want to be persuasive and get to the key points quickly and effectively.  Note: Be sure to submit both your written report and your slide presentation for this assignment. Both files should be uploaded in a single submission to the assignment submission page.