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Read the remainder of  Follow Your Gut, plus watch the videos in this section. Then write 2 pages paper that explains what you learned by reading the book and watching the videos. How much of this material were you aware of before? What were some of the most interesting things that you learned and why?  Did […]

A quality case analysis will include proper citations and references

A quality case analysis will include proper citations and references. Paper Format: Word document in APA or MLA format, double spaced, six pages not including cover page. Include at least 3 scholarly references to support your case study.  Case Study Your brother-in-law, Representative Howard Hughes, lost his bid for reelection. However, thanks to your efforts, […]

For the final lab project, I will be testing the catalase enzyme reaction rate using different volumes of hydrogen peroxide with potatoes. I will have all test tubes at the same room temperature but the amount hydrogen peroxide concentration will differ f

  Design an experiment in which you will test the effect of an acidic fluid on enzymatic activity. (Recall: enzymes are proteins.) To complete this project, it may be useful for you to review the Scientific Method Tutorial , so that you can better understand how to design an experiment.  It may also be helpful […]

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Many growth factors act only on nervous tissues (neurotrophic factors) and are implicated in neural development. Design an experiment (based on your readings of the scientific literature) that will allow you to show how a particular growth factor, such as FGF8, is involved only in the development of the nervous system and not any of the […]

General Biology week 6

Assignment  1. Define energy related to work and heat and matter 2. Use some examples to contrast potential energy and kinetic energy and differentiate with chemical energy 3.  Define the concept of thermodynamic 4. Briefly give me your concept  of entropy and importance in the Universe 5. Distinguish between exergonic  and endergonic reaction 6. Discuss the central role of ATP […]