Biology 1334 Lab Assignment #2

I am currently taking Biology 1334 at the University of Texas in Arlington- UTA. I need help with our Lab assignment #2. I have attached the details. 

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 Nonsteroid hormones cannot cross the plasma membrane of cells, yet still have the ability to influence cell activity. Explain how this is possible.  13.2 3.1 Following a very large meal that was loaded with carbohydrates, how would you expect your body to respond to the excess sugars being absorbed into the bloodstream? 

Biology Assignment

This assignment is due tomorrow at 10am. I need help with this while i study for my up coming exam on Friday. Attached is the article to read and answer the lab questions. Please be brief and concise. I need this done asap

DNA replication

explain the topic like you are talking to your idiot cousin at thanksgiving or some thing.  Needs to be one page long