Nuclear medicine.

   1. Is it essential to acquire data from all sides (300o angle) for accurate reconstruction in SPECT? Can it be less than 180o ? 2. What is the primary benefic in using a dual- or triple-head scintillation camera in SPECT? What additional problems , if any, do these entail? 3. Why is quality control […]

SCI 115_"Mitochondria, Water, Molecules, and Cell Structures"

“Mitochondria, Water, Molecules, and Cell Structures” Note: Please respond to one (1) of the following four (4) bulleted options.The cell is comprised of very important components including the mitochondria. Please view this video describing mitochondrial disease which is found here. Keep in mind that one of the symptoms of mitochondrial disease is fatigue (weak and tired). Next discuss two […]

lab report

i have attached the chapter and the grade rubric (has everything needed to be in the report)  If you use any information from the chapter use this reference  Marion, A.L., L.L. Haas, and R.W. Preszler. 2015. Cellular and Organismal Biology, 11th edition. Hayden McNeil, MI. (Marion, et. al., 2015) 

bio lab report

  this is a stage work, i will need my first draft in 24 hrs from now on, first page just need intro + result paragraphs only, so will take 1 page i guess… the final paper will have 4 pages in total.. I have attached some previous student’s sample for you to have an […]

5 page research paper on Streptococcus pneumonaie

Is anyone available to write a 5 page research on Steptococcus pneumonaie. Needs to have 5-7 works cited in APA format(just the cited page). 12 font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font, doubled spaced. No books, textbooks, or encyclopedias…now websites-wikipedia, CDC. No block quotes…paraphrase. May the finished paper please be turned in my Monday at […]

Genetics and DNA Molecules

   GENETIC PROBLEMS:   This is the base sequence on one strand of a certain DNA molecule: 3’ T A C A A T G C C A G T G G T T C G C A C A T T 5’   1. Give the base sequence on the complementary DNA strand (the […]

Discussion Post -Sex-Education Course for Children

The teaching of sex education to children has always had a big stigma attached to it, but is an important topic for young individuals to learn. Research the different protocols and regulations states have on teaching sex education to children, including your state. Are you surprised by your research? At what age should children/students be […]


  Pick one animal phylum. Describe the characteristics of the organisms in that phylum, some of the diversity in that phylum, and some of the economic and ecological impacts of organisms in that phylum. Your assignment should be 500 words in length.