Question 1  The very nature of human creation gives humans meaning      and purpose. True  False  2 points    Question 2  One of the most basic questions of origin is, “Where      did everything come from?” True  False  2 points    Question 3  Even though vocations are instituted by God, they are      not a relevant platform […]

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Write a summary of the article:  “Putting the Man in Contraceptive Mandate”.  Discuss why both the  individual and society should be concerned about current and future implications of this issue. Address each of the suggestions for   change. Your opinion is valued in this summary.  

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200 words forum To look for modern day examples of biological evolution, those that were recently discovered, the use of newer technologies, or simply finding out more about past projects. You are to find an article on biological evolution. If you are stuck, a great place to start is either the APUS library or Google […]

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   1. Why do grocery store owners spray fresh fruits and vegetables with water?  2. Roads are sometimes salted to melt ice. What does this do to plants around the roadside and why?  3. If a shipwrecked crew drinks sea water, they will probably die. Why?  4. If a bowl of fresh strawberries is sprinkled […]


HSA 535 WEEK 2 DISCUSSION DISCUSSION 1 “Applications of Epidemiology”  Please respond to the following: • Using the basics and applications of epidemiology from your weekly readings as a guideline, articulate in your own words the initial steps you would take in applying techniques in a field investigation of a childhood disease. • From the […]