Week THREE DISCUSSIONS There are 3 discussion articles written by classmates. please respond to each classmates article in one or two paragraphs.     `???”

Beef Lab Report (1 page)

First, thoroughly discuss the production cycle of beef cattle. What management skills are needed to be a successful beef cattle producer? Also, discuss the importance of safe and humane handling when working with cattle. Describe two things you learned or found interesting during your tour of the Steer-A-Year Barn ( https://media.oregonstate.edu/media/t/0_zrsmoz91) /HAMB Facility( http://anrs.oregonstate.edu/content/beef-facilities)


The purpose of this assignment is to better your research skills and your knowledge of modern food systems. You will select a food commodity and research the origin of the food and how it enters a world market and reaches your or someone else’s dinner plate.  In this assignment you will learn to make better […]

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C hoose three topics from following list, and then write 10-15 lines for each one.then write 10-15 lines for each one.and then write 10-15 lines for each one.