Biology assignment

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE  JAN / 12 / 18  AT 12PM   LOS ANGELES TIME ZONE  THANK YOU  Assignment must be only one page NOT including the chart page and the reference page    Assignment:  For this assignment, you will need to carefully consider information about 4 proposed conservation sites (this information is contained in a […]

maQueens toes only

Derrick age 22 Derrick requests a routine physical.   Maria age 45 Maria complains of decreased focusing ability for near objects and headache.   Edward age 70 Edward complains of muscle weakness and blurred vision.   . Color Blindness Test VIEW TEST Yes No No 2. Astigmatism Test VIEW TEST No Yes No 3. Visual […]

Discussion: Week 2

  Review the information on cell (plasma) membrane structure. Conduct brief research on the origin of cell membrane formation and post a discussion on the following: 1. Basic physical and chemical structure of cell membranes, 2. What has been achieved as a result of cell membrane existence. In other words, what are the functions of […]


1) Describe the current status of international wildlife crime including the illegality of the underground wildlife trade.       How might forensic DNA applications be used to detect these crimes and to ideally deter future occurrences of       illegal poaching and smuggling operations? The research on this crime is extensive, you are encouraged to       perform […]

lab report

Experiment 2: Concentration Gradients and Membrane Permeability In this experiment, you will dialyze a solution of glucose and starch to observe: The directional movement of glucose and starch. The effect of a selectively permeable membrane on the diffusion of these molecules. An indicator is a substance that changes color when in the presence of a […]


Discussion 1 – Looking back on everything you have learned in this class, discuss what has been the most surprising or interesting lesson learned. Explain what made it so. Again, thinking about everything you have learned, discuss the one lesson learned that made you the most upset or angry. Explain why you reacted the way […]

GMO Lab report (1 page) 6 hours ASAP

Write up the three operations: extraction, PCR and agarose gel.  Your report should include the following:  Name your test food: Cheetos chip  List of contents of the wells  Conclusions  Was your unknown a GMO food? Corn What is your evidence that makes you draw that conclusion.  In regards to the controls what does a band […]

45 minutes Anthropology online exam PLEASE READ!!

 Anthropology  PLEASE READ!! Two 45 minutes online exam and one 60 minutes comprehensive final. One of the two 45 minutes exam is open now the other will be open later. I need to have full grade or at least 85%. I will let you do the second exam and the comprehensive final ONLY if I […]

Anthropology Discussion 6

Sources 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.   PROMPT 1 Race is not a biologically meaningful way of classifying human beings but Western racial classifications continue to have significant consequences for the lived experiences of human beings. Why is it inaccurate to think of race as biology? What is race?    PROMPT 2 […]