Reading & Understanding Scientific Papers

Read these instructions & use the worksheet for Activities 1 & 2: BIO160 Assignment 1 Reading & Understanding Scientific Papers.pdf Here is the primary scientific paper you will read and use for this assignment: Seahorse paper Kvarnemo et al.pdf

bio research paper

your topic is asthma.  write an essay using at least 2500 words in which you analyze a contemporary  topic in human biology. break the topic down into supporting evidence the analysis should center on the importance of your topic or medical progress and/or asses its societal or ethical implications. use suitable primary references published from […]

BIO-220 Topic 7 DQ 1

Read the topic material “Drinking Water Treatment.” The reading explains a typical water treatment process for tap water.  With this knowledge please obtain a water quality report from your local municipality within the last two years.  Post a short description of what you found. What are your thoughts about your tap water after reading the […]

Write 2 pages

The instructions in the attachment. on time please

Biology Discussion 4

Once again, what better way to ensure you are comprehending the material, then for YOU to ask the questions!  Mitosis, a.k.a. cell division, is necessary for growth and replacement of cells.  As you read this post, there are cells in your body going through mitosis.  Meiosis is cell division that results in half the original […]

writing brief

 After reading Pevsner’s textbook chapters 3 and 4, briefly (up to ~ 1 page) describe in your own words:    1.  what is BLAST,    2.  what is the purpose of different BLAST programs (e.g., BLASTP versus TBLASTN),    3.  what are the main parameters of BLAST (from your point of view) – and why you think they […]

Write a 350- to 525-word paper addressing the following points:

Write a 350- to 525-word paper addressing the following points:How are phenotypes driven by DNA (inheritance in offspring)?Using an example from your family tree presentation, choose one individual with a dominant phenotype for one trait.Write a hypothesis that predicts the individual’s genotype for the chosen trait.Using the scientific method, explain how you would go about […]