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Answer individually FOR each PART and has to be 300 words each one with 

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Part 1)Public health informatics

Discuss what you find most interesting and relevant on the overall topic of public health informatics based on readings, film festival, and class discussions.  How can informatics, apps, and greater connectivity help improve the health of communities? 

Part 2) Future Trends

Research and share your thoughts on emerging healthcare informatics trends and what you think will become much more valuable and widely used in the next 5 years or more for improving health of of all of us. Do not mention technologies that are already in widespread adoption today (i.e. EHRs).  Based on your research, identify at least 3 emerging trends or technologies that you believe will be in widespread adoption in the next 5 years or more and explain why. 


Lab – Vitamins Log & Analysis (Due in 24hrs)

During week 3, you completed a detailed food and fluid log for 2 days and analyzed your intake using the MyPlate application to assess how well you met dietary guidelines for macronutrients. This week, you will be using the same food and beverage logs to assess how well your vitamin intake meets dietary recommendations. SEE ATTACHMENT

Analyze your nutrient intake using the MyFitnessPal Tracker (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Enter the information from the reports you generate into your Vitamin Tracking Chart. Make sure to include this chart in your lab write up! Reflection Questions: (Add your responses at the end of the Tracking Chart) For which vitamins did you meet or exceed the recommended daily intake level? What enabled you to meet dietary recommendations for these vitamins? For which vitamins were you below the recommended daily intake level if any? Why do you think you failed to meet RDI levels for these vitamins? What specific changes can you make to your diet to increase your intake for each of the vitamins that you were deficient in? (Make sure that you break down this response vitamin by vitamin, rather than providing a generic response.) What did you learn from completing this lab?

Make sure you respond to all the questions THOROUGHLY. Include the results from your MyPlate analysis, as well as the table above in your write up. Include references for all sources used.


biology homework

watch the video and answer the question in the file uploaded . answer the questions in the same file under each question with a different color . answer them right please . 


research method questions

  Assignment attached


after 20 crossing attempts and analyzing more than 10,000 plant genotypes, you are still unable to generate a plant that…

after 20 crossing attempts and analyzing more than 10,000 plant genotypes, you are still unable to generate a plant that is both tall and drought resistant, what would one possibility be?


History and Development of Public Health

  History and Development of Public Health

Identify a public health problem that has existed for more than five years. Use the Capella library to search for articles related to your selected issue; helpful links are provided in Resources. Answer the following questions: How has this issue affected the health and well-being of a population? What is an example of a key event that drew attention to this public health issue? Why did you choose this issue?   What are public health organizations doing to address the issue? Is it making a difference?


Biology questions, 2hrs

1. Select an example of an advancement made in biotechnology (e.g. pharmacogenetics, stem cells, GMOs, de-extinction, etc.).  Describe the specific advancement and what contribution it brings to society.  For full credit, explain the promises and the risks of this technology. 


2.  4. You buy a new house and the front yard has some really nice rose bushes, but they are surrounded by lots of weeds!  You don’t really want to try and dig them out by hand and your nice new neighbor comes over with a bottle of weed killer.  He says it shouldn’t kill your roses, but you, knowing that weeds and rose are pretty similar physiologically decide to do some research.  You find out the active ingredient in the weed killer causes the stomata close when in contact with the chemical.    What would be the results?  Explain which parts of photosynthesis would be effected and what those effects would be, how would the plant be effected?  Would it be likely to hurt your roses?




Watch BYU vs Nevada 2018 Live Free College Basketball Online

The start of the season for Duke comes with two road assignments, the first a revenge game as well.


The Duke visit Kentucky on Tuesday night.


A year ago, a nationally ranked Duke sustained a stunning home loss to Kentucky.


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The first day of the college basketball season is upon us. The day can bring about mixed emotions from fans, as the fans wonder which teams are going to live up to expectations and which teams are going to take the bad losses which will eliminate them from at large tourney contention.


“They’re talented. They’re gifted,” Roy Williams said of newcomers. “I know they’re going to step up and be able to play for us.”


The Duke went with White as the starting point guard in last week’s exhibition against Division II Mount Olive, suggesting that he’s ahead of junior Seventh Woods.


“They’ve been neck-in-neck,” senior guard Kenny Williams said of the point guards. “I don’t know what made Coach make that decision.”


Sophomore Garrison Brooks was pegged as the starting post player for Duke, though that could be a fluid situation.


Duke has players representing 64.6 percent of the team’s scoring from a year ago, when the team posted a 26-11 record. Maye scored 16.9 points per game, Johnson was at 12.4 and Kenny Williams at 11.4


Kentucky senior guard Fletcher Magee is the Duke Conference Preseason Player of the Year. He averaged 22.1 points per game, including 27 at Duke. The Terriers were picked to finish second in the league’s official preseason poll as they come off a 21-13 season.


“We’re as deep a team as we’ve had in recent memory,” Kentucky coach Mike Young said. “I hope that plays out over the course of the year. I can comfortably play a number of guys.”


Magee gave the Duke fits last year.


“They played better than us in every phase of the game,” Roy Williams said. “There’s no question that Magee is just and unbelievable shooter. He makes difficult shots.”


The Terriers took an offseason exhibition trip to Portugal to help prepare for the season. The benefits of that have shown up this fall.


“Just becoming more comfortable with one another,” Young said. “… We’ll look at some different things defensively.”


Duke is 96-12 all-time in season openers, including 14-1 under Roy Williams. The Hall of Fame coach as the Duke in the preseason Top 10 for the 13th time in 16 seasons.


All four previous Duke-Kentucky matchups took place in Chapel Hill, N.C.


This will be only the seventh road opener for the Duke since the dawn of the Atlantic Coast Conference era in 1953-54. Duke is 5-1 in the previous such assignments.


Kentucky pulled off a 63-60 home victory against Georgia Tech last year, so it’s no easy path for ACC visitors.


In their first two seasons at UNC, Williams and forward Luke Maye played for the national title twice. As freshmen, the two lost 77-74 to Kentucky on a game-winning buzzer beater. As sophomores, they won the championship on a 71-65 win over Kentucky.



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Environmental Assessment Project

Preliminary Observations:

Please find the following two habitats in your area:

1 A ‘Wild’ Habitat, such as a lake, pond, swamp, marshland, forest that has been left alone by people in a ‘reasonable’ sense. in other words, it is an area that people may visit, but not modify.

2 A ‘Human Modified Habitat’ such as a park, a landscaped garden, a golf course, etc.

3 Describe each area in enough detail to acquaint the reader with a good image of each habitat. Photographs help.

4 Find three kinds of plants, three kinds of animals, and three kinds of fungi in the wild habitat. Write down their names; common names are fine, such as squirrels, robins, oak trees, salamanders etc

5 Try to find the same kinds of animals, plants and fungi in the human modified area. Write down what you found.

Applied Assessment:

From your findings, select one plant, animal, or fungus that you found on the “wild side” habitat that was not present on the human-modified side. For this species:

1 Propose a hypothesis that explains the lack of success of the species in the modified environment.

2 Design an experiment to test your hypothesis. Provide a detailed account of the materials and methods used to conduct the experiment. Also include the methods for data collection and analysis.

3 Conduct a literature search to find studies that identify factors that contribute to the success of your species in the selected habitat. List those factors, and explain how they help the species survive.

4 Conduct a literature search to find studies that identify factors that contribute to the lack of success of your species in the selected habitat. List those factors, and explain how they do not help the species survive. Discuss whether these factors support your hypothesis.

5 Please attach a reference section and be sure to use the APA format.

6 The general format is the same as that for option1.