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  Hello dear, Answer individually FOR each PART and has to be 300 words each one with  references please. Part 1)Public health informatics Discuss what you find most interesting and relevant on the overall topic of public health informatics based on readings, film festival, and class discussions.  How can informatics, apps, and greater connectivity help improve […]

Lab – Vitamins Log & Analysis (Due in 24hrs)

During week 3, you completed a detailed food and fluid log for 2 days and analyzed your intake using the MyPlate application to assess how well you met dietary guidelines for macronutrients. This week, you will be using the same food and beverage logs to assess how well your vitamin intake meets dietary recommendations. SEE […]

biology homework

watch the video and answer the question in the file uploaded . answer the questions in the same file under each question with a different color . answer them right please . 

History and Development of Public Health

  History and Development of Public Health Identify a public health problem that has existed for more than five years. Use the Capella library to search for articles related to your selected issue; helpful links are provided in Resources. Answer the following questions: How has this issue affected the health and well-being of a population? What […]

Biology questions, 2hrs

1. Select an example of an advancement made in biotechnology (e.g. pharmacogenetics, stem cells, GMOs, de-extinction, etc.).  Describe the specific advancement and what contribution it brings to society.  For full credit, explain the promises and the risks of this technology.    2.  4. You buy a new house and the front yard has some really nice […]

Watch BYU vs Nevada 2018 Live Free College Basketball Online

The start of the season for Duke comes with two road assignments, the first a revenge game as well.   The Duke visit Kentucky on Tuesday night.   A year ago, a nationally ranked Duke sustained a stunning home loss to Kentucky.    Watch LIVE::     The first day of the college basketball […]


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Environmental Assessment Project

Preliminary Observations: Please find the following two habitats in your area: 1 A ‘Wild’ Habitat, such as a lake, pond, swamp, marshland, forest that has been left alone by people in a ‘reasonable’ sense. in other words, it is an area that people may visit, but not modify. 2 A ‘Human Modified Habitat’ such as […]