BIO 220 Week 5 Final Report: Part 3

Using the same environmental issue you chose in Part 1, find three peer-reviewed articles that oppose the position you have taken.   To successfully complete Part 3: Create a third and fourth paragraph using your final report outline. This assignment should be completed on a separate Word document. Make revisions based on any feedback, comments […]

discussion week 4

The Discussions are not simply statements of opinion. They are intended to allow you to expand upon and apply the principles discussed in your textbook, the lectures, and/or other research you conduct. Each week a question will be posed for your consideration. Before answering, you should review the chapters covered during this week and the […]

Forms of data in health care.

  Research  the forms of data used in the system of your choice. This system could be your own health care organization, the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital found in the University of Phoenix Virtual Organizations, or an organization from the course readings.    Create  a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including detailed speaker notes, that identifies […]

Recent scientific advances now make it possible to choose the sex of an unborn child via IVF. Please read about…

Recent scientific advances now make it possible to choose the sex of an unborn child via IVF. Please read about the ethical and technical debate here:  http ://idebate .org /debatabase /debates/philosphical -political-theory/house-believes-parents-should-be-able-choose-sex-their-children. We can also use modern genetics to prevent the tragedy of a life doomed by heredity; embryos can now be screened for some […]

Assignment 2: Cohort Follow-up Studies: Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

       Due Week 7 and worth 240 points Use the Internet and Strayer databases, and recall your readings in Chapter 11 of Introduction to Epidemiology and Chapter 7 of Epidemiology for Public Health Practice to complete this assignment. Write a five to six (5-6) page paper in which you: 1.       Through cohort study designs and […]


   “Mitochondria, Water, Molecules, and Cell Structures” Note: Online students, please respond to one (1) of the following four (4) bulleted options. The cell is comprised of very important components including the  mitochondria. Please view this video describing mitochondrial disease  which is found here.  Keep in mind that one of the symptoms of mitochondrial disease […]

HPR205 Week 3 Discussion 1

   Last names that begin with A through M: Select the nervous system for your initial post.  Choose one of the CDC’s five most common chronic      diseases (heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, or arthritis) and      describe the anatomical and physiological changes associated with the      nervous system.  Describe normal function of the system and how the […]

2 discussions

Chapter 8 Discussion – Personal Assessments of HIV Risk Chapter 8 was a little overwhelming. There were so many theoretical descriptions of how people make decisions about their choice of sex partners, and other risky behaviors. Does anyone actually think like this? The truth is, that most of us make potentially life altering decisions in […]