Physical Anthropology Discussion

Short discussion. No word requirement. 



Give some examples of nonhuman primate behaviors that humans also exhibit



Due in 3 hours.


Lab-integumentary System


Go to SCI: Skin Cancer Investigation and enter the site.  Begin with the Healthy Skin section and read about the three layers of the skin by clicking on the image of the skin on the right. Next answer these questions: What are the types of cells in      the epidermis and how are they related to each other? What is melanin and what is its      role in the epidermis? What is keratin and what does      it do? What are the two primary      features of the dermis? Describe the subcutaneous      tissue.

To continue through the interactive, click on the right arrow at the bottom of the screen to go to the section Effects of the Sun on the Skin and watch the animation about the benefits of the sun and risks of sunlight. Then answer these questions: Name the main benefits of      sunlight. What are some of the benefits      of the sun’s UV rays? How are these rays harmful?

Now go to the section titled Causes and read about how over-exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. Watch the animation on how normal cells multiply and divide to replace damaged or dead cells. Then answer these questions: How do UV rays affect normal cell      division? Why do some people have a      greater chance of developing skin cancer compared to others?

Continue on to Tumors and answer this question: What are the main differences      between benign and malignant tumors?

Now click on and read the Common Risk Factors. Click on each factor to learn more about the risks. Then answer these questions: What are the five most common      modifiable risk factors of skin cancer? How can where you live increase      your chances of developing skin cancer? How does genetics play a role? What is actinic keratosis?

Now go to the Glowell Clinic: Lab. Click on any patient file where an image of a growth will appear along with the patient’s history.

Review the list of symptoms and check those that describe the growth. Decide whether the growth is cancerous or not. Select the next patient and complete the same steps.


















Cerebral Edema

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Microbial flora

In what way do you see microbial flora being a benefit to us and in what way can they be a danger?
What would happen if we were to inadvertently kill off the resident flora that lives on and within us? Can you describe two or more diseases that are the result of killing our natural bacteria? How would you fix the problem?  200-250 WORDS




“Human Resources Activities and Relationships”   Please respond to the following:

 Analyze the HR function you believe to be the most important to the overall success of the organization. Provide one example to support your rationale.* From the scenario “Learnscape 3: The Silent Group”, analyze the role that line managers in health care organizations play in developing HRM. Provide an example to support your analysis.



Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration and photosynthesis form a critical cycle of energy and matter that supports the continued existence of life on earth. Describe the stages of cellular respiration and photosynthesis and their interaction and interdependence including raw materials, products, and amount of ATP or glucose produced during each phase. How is each linked to specific organelles within the eukaryotic cell. What has been the importance and significance of these processes and their cyclic interaction to the evolution and diversity of life?


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Geog/ Chem

Discussion 1 (1/2 page single space)  The article can be found online


Article: “Strips of Hope: Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests and New Developments” Gnoth, C, and S Johnson. “Strips of Hope: Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests and New Developments.” Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde vol. 74,7 (2014): 661-669. doi:10.1055/s-0034- 1368589 

 Read the assigned article to identify and state the following: 1 point each Research Question   Hypothesis   Method   Results

Once you have read the article state 3 critiques of the work.(1 point each) These could be in the methods, the experiment design, conflict of interest, funding, etc. Think critically. What about this article would make you doubt the results?

 Finally, in your own words, summarize the findings of the research. (1 Point) Use this summary to support your reaction to the article. (5 Points) Some prompting questions to help you develop your reaction could be (but aren’t limited to):   After reading this article would I use this product?   How does this article effect my life?  My family’s lives?  Is this an area of science that needs more research?

2nd Assignment: 2 page

Your response paper must be double spaced, 12-point font. If you add images and tables, they should be at the end of the paper as an appendix. 

 News Articles: Here are three related articles regarding burning in the Amazon rain forest, its causes, and what is being lost. One is an opinion piece of recent Amazon rainforest purposeful burning: 

Please read all three short articles and then summarize their main points, followed by your reaction to them. Do you agree or disagree that the reasons for purposeful burning is just due to economic needs? Should the Brazilians do more to stop this from happening? Why is the Brazilian president refusing aid money; do you agree with his reasoning? What will the world lose if the forest burns? What did you learn that you didn’t know before? 


Watch BYU Vs Nevada 2018 Live Free College Basketball Online TV Channel

The start of the season for BYU comes with two road assignments, the first a revenge game as well.


The BYU visit Nevada on Tuesday night.


A year ago, a nationally ranked BYU sustained a stunning home loss to Nevada.


Watch LIVE:: 


The first day of the college basketball season is upon us. The day can bring about mixed emotions from fans, as the fans wonder which teams are going to live up to expectations and which teams are going to take the bad losses which will eliminate them from at large tourney contention.


“They’re talented. They’re gifted,” Roy Williams said of newcomers. “I know they’re going to step up and be able to play for us.”


The BYU went with White as the starting point guard in last week’s exhibition against Division II Mount Olive, suggesting that he’s ahead of junior Seventh Woods.


“They’ve been neck-in-neck,” senior guard Kenny Williams said of the point guards. “I don’t know what made Coach make that decision.”


Sophomore Garrison Brooks was pegged as the starting post player for BYU, though that could be a fluid situation.


BYU has players representing 64.6 percent of the team’s scoring from a year ago, when the team posted a 26-11 record. Maye scored 16.9 points per game, Johnson was at 12.4 and Kenny Williams at 11.4


Nevada senior guard Fletcher Magee is the BYU Conference Preseason Player of the Year. He averaged 22.1 points per game, including 27 at BYU. The Terriers were picked to finish second in the league’s official preseason poll as they come off a 21-13 season.


“We’re as deep a team as we’ve had in recent memory,” Nevada coach Mike Young said. “I hope that plays out over the course of the year. I can comfortably play a number of guys.”


Magee gave the BYU fits last year.


“They played better than us in every phase of the game,” Roy Williams said. “There’s no question that Magee is just and unbelievable shooter. He makes difficult shots.”


The Terriers took an offseason exhibition trip to Portugal to help prepare for the season. The benefits of that have shown up this fall.


“Just becoming more comfortable with one another,” Young said. “… We’ll look at some different things defensively.”


BYU is 96-12 all-time in season openers, including 14-1 under Roy Williams. The Hall of Fame coach as the BYU in the preseason Top 10 for the 13th time in 16 seasons.


All four previous BYU-Nevada matchups took place in Chapel Hill, N.C.


This will be only the seventh road opener for the BYU since the dawn of the Atlantic Coast Conference era in 1953-54. BYU is 5-1 in the previous such assignments.


Nevada pulled off a 63-60 home victory against Georgia Tech last year, so it’s no easy path for ACC visitors.


In their first two seasons at UNC, Williams and forward Luke Maye played for the national title twice. As freshmen, the two lost 77-74 to Nevada on a game-winning buzzer beater. As sophomores, they won the championship on a 71-65 win over Nevada.


BIOS 255 Week 4 Midterm Review


1. Question:  The muscular layer of a blood vessel is the

2. Question:  Each of the following changes will result in increased blood flow to a tissue, except

3. Question:  Pulmonary veins carry blood to the

4. Question:  The goal of cardiovascular regulation includes all of the following, except to ensure that

5. Question:  In response to hemorrhage, there is

6. Question:  The source of blood carried to capillaries in the myocardium would be the ________. 

7. Question:  If cardiac muscle is deprived of its normal blood supply, damage would primarily result from ________. 

8. Question:  Norepinephrine acts on the heart by ________. 

9. Question:  If the vagal nerves to the heart were cut, the result would be that ________. 

10. Question:  Blood ejected from the ventricles enters which of these vessels during ventricular systole? 

11. Question:  Hemorrhage with a large loss of blood causes ________. 

12. Question:  The left ventricular wall of the heart is thicker than the right wall in order to ________. 

13. Question:  When the heart is beating at a rate of 75 times per minute, the duration of one cardiac cycle is ________ second(s) . 

14. Question:  If the length of the absolute refractory period in cardiac muscle cells was the same as it is for skeletal muscle cells ________. 

15. Question:  If we were able to artificially alter the membrane permeability of pacemaker cells so that sodium influx is more rapid, ________. 

16. Question:  Blood flow through the circulatory system is affected by all of the following, except

17. Question:  As blood travels from the aorta toward the capillaries, the

18. Question:  Blood pressure increases with all of the following, except increased

19. Question:  When renin is released from the juxtaglomerular cells

20. Question:  Symptoms of shock include all of the following, except

21. Question:  An individual who is blood type AB negative ________. 

22. Question:  Which of the following is not a phase of hemostasis (stop bleeding) ? 

23. Question:  Thromboembolic disorders ________. 

24. Question:  What organ in the body regulates erythrocyte production? 

25. Question:  Which of the following is a regulatory function of blood? 

26. Question:  Which of the following might trigger erythropoiesis? 

27. Question:  An individual who is blood type AB negative ________. 

28. Question:  Select the correct statement regarding blood cell formation. 

29. Question:  All of the following can be expected with polycythemia except ________. 

30. Question:  Which of the following is characteristic of all leukocytes? 

31. Question:  Which of the following is a precursor of a basophil? 

32. Question:  Which of the following is true about blood plasma? 

33. Question:  Which of these is not a normal plasma protein? 

34. Question:  Blood volume restorers include all of the following except ________. 

35. Question:  During the period of ventricular filling ________. 

36. Question:  If we were able to artificially alter the membrane permeability of pacemaker cells so that sodium influx is more rapid, ________. 

37. Question:  The tricuspid valve is closed ________. 

38. Question:  The source of blood carried to capillaries in the myocardium would be the ________. 

39. Question:  Blood moves forward through veins by all of the following, except

40. Question:  As blood travels from the aorta toward the capillaries, the

41. Question:  Blood pressure increases with all of the following, except increased

42. Question:  Which of the following statements is false concerning the movement of fluid between capillaries and interstitial space?

43. Question:  Each of the following arteries carries blood to the heart, except the