Biology (Neuroscience)

Immunohistochemistry Lab with pictures I took. there is an example of how it is supposed to be written and the questions.

biology assignment

  Write one to three paragraphs summarizing the history of food microbiology. Write three to five paragraphs summarizing the contributions of Louis Pasteur to food microbiology. Write one paragraph summarizing the contribution of Nicolas Appert to food microbiology.

BIOL 133 Chapter 7-11 Multiple Choice

          Chapter 7           Part 1 of 1 –         6.0/ 10.0 Points       Question 1 of 10               1.0/ 1.0 Points   What area is not involved with pumping protons to the intermembrane space?        A.complex I        B.complex II   […]


READ THESE WEBSITES The Politics of Climate AND write a post discussing what you have learned [a very minimum of 250 words]. Cite your sources of facts within your sentences. Explain examples and incorporate evidence. Provide complete MINIMUM OF 3 citations at the end of your posts. A complete citation includes both the […]

maQueens toenails only

Diet – Pros and Cons Search the Internet to identify three common or popular diets. Note the pros and cons of each diet, and consider their health benefits in light of what you have learned about nutrition in the lab and your course text. Is the diet biologically sound? For your discussion post, write a letter to […]

Discussion 5

  Prompt In the always contentious field of paleoanthropology, more fossils always generates more conjectures…and refutations. –  M. Shermer (2016b) A couple of years ago, with the introduction and preliminary analysis of Homo naledi by Berger et al. (2015), skeptics noted exception to the speed that had been done to excavate, study, and disseminate the […]

essay 3 and 4

essay 3 According to a 2012 United Nations report, nearly 870 million people, or about 12.5% of the people on earth, are suffering from chronic undernourishment, with the vast majority of these hungry people living in developing countries. Discuss a solution to the problem of chronic hunger and malnutrition in impoverished nations. essay 4 Because […]