Disabiliy and RT paper

You will be writing about a disability and talking about physical therapy modalities. 


Bruce edward says that

Bruce Edward says that Wordworth’s work is about “vision, about lines of sight, about the debris of history that prevents the observer from seeing through to the real meaning and purpose of human life.” HOW can we see this idea at work in all three of our romantic writers. (WORDSWORTH, COLERIDGE AND KEATS)


Make Your Own Anti-Aging Eye Cream – The Truth About Home Made Eye Cream Recipes

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Pathways in disease development

1.  Write 1-2 paragraphs (2/3 page-dbl spaced) describing the work presented. Include in your overview, some background on the topic and the goals and rationale of the study. 

2.  Write 1-2 paragraphs (2/3 page-dbl spaced) describing the experimental design used to address the goal/problem and list the major results from each approach. Be sure to include the two key areas (proteomics results and central metabolism results) and how they connected the results from these two areas to make a complete story. 

3.  Answer the following questions (~1 1/2 page). 

1. Given what you know about regulation of central pathways, why did the authors not identify pathways that were required during infection in their proteomics experiments? 

2. Could an enzyme/pathway be important during infection but not show an effect when it is knocked-out? Why? 

3. What are the main findings in the paper? [hint: what does E. coli eat in the urinary tract?] 

4. What is an auxotroph? How did the author demonstrate auxotrophic phenotypes in vitro? What did the in vivo results from the 2 auxotrophs tell us about the urinary tract environment and how did these data support the main findings of the paper? 


Microbiology Lab Report 5 pages

see attached instructions, experiment, & report sample to use as a guide.

This is a 5 page minimum report APA style must use 4 references minimum including lab book & text book 

Please pay attention check grammar no plagiarism only bid if you are good in microbiology & these reports


Compare and contrast anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa

Two attachments needed. Each essay is 450 words. Please use words like ,,,as opposed to ,,,in contrast, similarly and all types of compare and contrast essay. NO PLAGIARISM


Compare and contrast anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. What are the main similarities and differences?



What are your thoughts and opinions on the Western beauty standard as described in the text? Do you think the media are responsible for

The increase in eating disorders? If so, what can be done to change the situation?




Biology Ext2

Keep your answers concise, targeted and to the point. 

Question 1: List three of the four categories of biological macromolecules. For these 3 types of biological macromolecules, identify their monomers and list one function these molecules can have.

Question 2: Which organelles that you learned about in Chapter 3 were most important in Chapter 5 to understand how cells make and use energy? Explain briefly.

Question 3: Describe something you learned from Chapter 4 that you found interesting, and explain briefly why.


Anthro Assignment 3

a) Based on what was presented in the assigned film, can you note possible behavioral similarities between human and non-human primates?  What are some of these? 

b) Using the information presented in your textbook and the film, do you think chimpanzees have culture as exhibited through some of their behaviors?  Why or why not?  What is the evidence?



21 Which of the following statements are true about organizational culture?


21 Which of the following statements are true about organizational culture? Check all that apply

a. Employees may be unaware of the underlying assumptions that guide an organization’s culture.

b. Culture can create a competitive advantage for a company.

c. A company’s culture cannot be taught-managers must hire people that have the right culture.

d. The actions managers take can change a company’s culture.

2) Match the following examples to the element of culture (Hero. Symbol, Slogan, Ceremony, or Story) that they represent

a. Every Friday afternoon around 4:00pm, Nerf darts start flying around the office at Aplia, where both work and play are highly valued.

b.. At Virginia Tech, students and professors remember the courage of professor Liviu Librescu, who died protecting his students from a gunman in 2007.

c. At IBM, people talk about the meeting where people were told to turn off he projector and “just talk”. This de-emphasized the importance of slides in organizational communications.


Patient with Renal Failure (Acute and Chronic)


2 scenario’s: Patient A (Acute Renal Failure) and Patient B (Chronic Renal Failure)


Each Scenario has 4- Questions (Total 8 q’s)

Each question require 25-50 word response

(1) source and reference for each Patient A and B. (2 total sources)


Format: APA style

Microsoft Word

(see attachment)