Scin work wk3

Complete all the activities in this lab instruction packet: SCIN 130 Lab 3: Stickleback Evolution, Part 1.  Work through the instruction packet step by step. Record your results in the worksheet as you progress through this instruction packet.

short video summary

To understand how DNA evidence has had a direct impact on society, criminal justice, and our legal systems. The Innocence project was an organization that just recently celebrated 25 years. The legal organization has used DNA evidence as a powerful to exonerate wrongly-convicted individuals. Watch the following video to observe how application of DNA technology has had […]

Science In Action Biology Assignment

 For this assignment, you will read a book-­?length account of “science in action” – real people engaging in the practices of science to generate new scientific knowledge ( the books you can use are listed in the file attatched).  There are many books that are intended for a public audience and provide a window into […]

the grade

annotated bibliography (4 sources)on how research has helped reduce infant mortality in texas 

Research summary for Immunology Class

   1. state the research question: 2. hypothesis and  3. overall findings which includes A- what was done? (I want it in general not details and includes the figures from the same article that correspond to what you summarize)  B- the results (includes the figures from the same article that correspond to what you summarize) […]

Louis Pasteur

Write an APA style research paper in 800 words on Louis Pasteur as the Father of microbiology. The paper should cover subtopics such as Molecular chirality, fermentation and pasteurization, the germ theory of disease and the vaccines he invented. Your paper should show how Louis Pasteur discoveries and achievements apply today.


Assignment 3: Information Governance   Using the Internet or Library databases, research health care organizations / providers that have recently had a significant information technology failure, and complete this assignment.   Write a seven to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: Determine the key factors contributing to the failure in question. Next, analyze how […]

Bio work