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Bioweapons and Epidemiology*****Already A++ Rated Tutorial*****Use as Guide Paper*****


For this assignment, you will Use the attached story of Dr. Madness’ superweapon to complete the following.

Assume the role of Dr. Hero, the Centers for Disease Control’s emerging pathogens program director. You have been contacted by the CDC director, the World Health Organization director, and the President of the United States to get a grasp on rapidly increasing cases of an unknown origin. You have just returned from vacation in the Canary Islands and have not yet been apprised of this dire situation. You must respond quickly and efficiently to avert a potential pandemic and subsequent apocalypse. From this point of view, write to discuss how and what you will do, epidemiologically, clinically, and in terms of public health to combat the superweapon.

Address the following items in your research plan that will be submitted to the CDC, World Health Organization, and the President of the United States that outlines the nation’s epidemiological response to Dr. Madness’ rogue superweapon:

·        Agent Name: Briefly summarize the superweapon you selected and its epidemiology. The most significant component of this section will center around what makes this agent epidemiologically difficult to address from a public health perspective.

·        Diagnostic Tests: How will diagnosis occur in sick patients, both clinically and in the laboratory? Also discuss how technology and research and development will allow for enhancements to minimize downtime on diagnoses.

·        Treatment: What will the tertiary public health prevention (treatment) be for the agent? Discuss potential for resistance or agent adaptation and sensitivity to the treatment. Will the treatment work in all populations? What costs will be expected if it is a new treatment being developed (in addition to the time spent in the pandemic developing a new treatment).

·        Clinical Treatment of Hospitalized Patients: What control measures and universal precautions will be utilized? Will isolation factor in your strategy?

·        Epidemiological Control of Cases in Community: How will you control the cases, contacts, and immediate environment of those who are not hospitalized?

·        Preventive Measures: Is there an expectation of a vaccine to be developed? Are there other control measures to consider?

·        Epidemic Measures: How does the plan change once cases outnumber public health and clinical resources to manage?

·        Disaster Implications: Discuss social, psychological, economic, labor, transportation, and other aspects relevant to your plan.

·        International Measures: What is the level and function of World Health Organization involvement? Discuss participation and assistance from health agencies from around the world.

After creating a plan and quelling the super bioweapon, complete a summary report on your vision of the expected summary and convalescence of the agent release. How many people were sickened? How many countries were affected? On how many continents did the agent affect? How many deaths resulted? Was it eradicated? Assess the social, psychological, and economic impact of the pandemic. You will also want to dedicate part of your conclusion discussing the lessons learned from this event to prevent a future pandemic or intentional releases of another superweapon.


health behavior

In Unit 2, you completed an annotated bibliography where you identified current health behavior research on a selected health issue. For this Assignment, you will build upon your previous work by proposing goals and objectives of a feasible health intervention, project, or

program to address the health behavior components of this health issue.

You will begin this Assignment by providing a summary of the selected health issue and corresponding health behavior theories. In outline format, you will provide three goals for the proposed health intervention, project, or program. Each goal should have at least 2–3 objectives. Goals and objectives must reflect health behavior at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, or community-based level. Goals and objectives must also be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (i.e., SMART goals). Conclude this Assignment with a short discussion on possible barriers or challenges to implementing these goals and objectives.

Requirements  Utilize the Unit 4 Assignment Template from Doc Sharing.  Provide proper APA style citation and referencing for all sources used to develop goals and objectives.  Submit your Assignment to the DropBox for grading by the due date.


full lab report

topic is :

 test differences in transpiration between two plants 


Neeed done Asap , Case study


Follow the directions for each activity. Answer the essay questions completely using thoughtful ideas, the course text, and outside reference sources, where applicable. Proofread answers for potential writing errors.  Part A. Metatherian Mammals


Part A Question1) What are metatherian mammals? What are distinguishing characteristics of metatherian mammals? 

Extinct mammals, they are very few living. Metatherians, which comprise marsupials and their closest fossil relatives, were one of the most dominant clades of mammals during the Cretaceous and are the most diverse clade of living mammals after Placentalia. The only living metatherian mammals are the marsupials. There were some extinct metatherians that were not marsupials, such as the Sparassodonts, but as these have gone extinct, a metatherian is now just a synonym for a marsupial Metatherians belong to a subgroup of the northern tribosphenic mammal clade or Boreosphenida. They differ from all other mammals in certain morphologies like their dental formula, which includes about five upper and four lower incisors, a canine, three premolars, and four molar. In metatherians, marsupium is present which is required for carrying the infants

Part A Question2) Describe the biogeography of metatherian mammals. 

Part A Question3) Using the following websites choose one extant (currently living) metatherian (marsupial) mammal species. Conduct research about the species. Discuss and analyze the species’ anatomy, ecology, and life history. Write a species account of at least 300 words correctly citing the reference source(s) you used. Scientific names are comprised of the genus (capitalized) followed by the species name (not capitalized) and they are italicized. For example, Ornithorhynchus anatinus. 


Site Name

Web Site URL/Address


Mammalogy on the Internet 


Tree of Life Web Project


Animal Diversity Web


Wilson & Reeder’s Mammal Species of the World


American Society of Mammalogists: Mammalian Species


Mammalian Species pdf Site


National Geographic Mammals

Species Scientific Name:

Species Common Name: 

Species Account:  Part B. Comparison of Metatherian and Eutherian Mammal Ecology


Complete the table using the websites listed in Part B. Match the eutherian (placental) mammal with a similar ecological equivalent metatherian.


Scientific Name of Metatherian   Mammal

Common Name

Ecological Description

Eutherian Mammal Match


Petaurus   breviceps


Vombatus ursinus


Myrmecobius fasciatus


Notoryctes typhlops


Dasycercus cristicauda


Sarcophilus harrisii


Thylacinus   cynocephalus

List of Eutherian Mammals to Match

Peromyscus polionotus

Talpa europaea 

Glaucomys volans

Taxidea taxus

Myrmecophaga tridactyla

Canis latrans 

Marmota flaviventris 

Part B Essay Question: What are potential hypotheses (explanations) regarding why there are ecological equivalents between many metatherians and eutherians? Discuss your hypothesis in terms of the processes that could lead to the current ecologies and distributions of metatherians and eutherians.  


Reasoning Report

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Bio assignment

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What is the three main Gas’s of atmosphere.? 



Through research, find a single example of a beneficial or detrimental mutation 2. Go to the Mutations in Evolution discussion topic, and create a new thread of at least 250 words (excluding citations) containing the following information, using APA for citations and support: Identify and describe to your classmates the example of mutation that has been detrimental or beneficial. The species can be any species- humans or otherwise.

 Mutations in Evolution discussion topic

Return to the discussion topic and reply to one of your classmates’ posts who has not had a reply. The reply should be evident you read the post and have a thoughtful response. The reply should be at least five sentences total. Replies should not say “cool post”, “good idea”, etc., but answer the post based on the following criteria. Is the post detailed enough to describe the discussion topic? Does the post grab your interest? Why/not? If applicable, is the post supported with proper scientific sources and citations? Comments will be taken into consideration for grading purposes.


bio assigment

Describe the process and consequences (e.g., BOD, toxic tides) of eutrophication

in coastal ecosystems. Highlight the nutrient involved in eutrophication and its sources.

Delineate how an ecosystem changes as eutrophication occurs