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I know so many people who are anti-GMO, but I’ve always considered that to be a misunderstanding of a technology that’s been around since the dawn of agriculture….. In this TEDs talk, Dr. Pamela Ronald, Plant Geneticist,  shows us why genetic modification isn’t necessarily hostile to traditional (even organic) farming. If time permits, we will […]

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Hate Crimes

 1.5 page paper that discusses your views about Hate Crimes.Describe a hate crime explain why it is a hate crime. should hate crime be punished more severely than if it was not a hate crime? why or why not? APA Format references also Plagiarism free  

BIOS 255 Week 8 Final Exam

   1. Question: Describe the feedback mechanism involved in erythropoiesis. 2. Question: Describe the cardiac cycle (include conduction, contraction, heart sounds and EKG information).  3. Question: Describe the factors that increase blood pressure (negative feedback involved in blood pressure regulation).  4. Question: Describe the responses involved in non-specific immunity.  5. Question: Describe cell-mediated immunity (antigen […]

Biology MCQs Test Bank

1. The term metastasis refers to the fact that cancer cells tend to ________. (Points : 4)         destroy         divide         reproduce         shrink         travel 2. Proteins that are involved in the regulation of the cell cycle, and that show fluctuation in concentration during the cell cycle, are called ________. (Points : 4) […]

A+ Paper

Research indicates that teachers and parents are essential to the academic growth and success of children; complementary attitudes are necessary for positive school-home relations; and effective collaboration is dependent on the belief that the parent-teacher relationship is a priority. In a 1,000-1,250-word paper, describe how positive, collaborative relationships with families promote the intellectual, social, emotional, […]

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  Continuing on your research from Weeks 3 and 5. Provide an analysis of the social and ethical implications of your chosen biotechnology. Strive for an even-handed honest-broker approach in which you carefully analyze the possible benefits of the technology, as well as any possible drawbacks. For now, hold back on disclosing your point of […]

The Fentanyl Story

  You will need to read the article below and write a short discussion paper on fentanyl.   The Fentanyl Story.pdf Include your name, course number and date on your paper (single spaced). A title page and/or reference page is not required. However, within the body of your paper you must appropriately cite your work. The content […]


Written Assignment: Biology and Technology in the Real World Addresses course outcomes 2 and 3:         use knowledge of biological principles to ask relevant questions about the natural world         make observations and discriminate between scientific and pseudoscientific explanations 1. Select one of the topics listed below. 2. Find at least two information sources related […]