Biology quiz!! due now. MLA format on where you found the information

1. A plant with red flowers is crossed with a white-flowered plant of the same species. All the seeds, when grown, produce plants with red flowers. Assuming that the flower color is controlled by a single pair of alleles, which allele is dominant and which is recessive?   2.How does inbreeding increase the incidence of […]

Psyc 7homework

  Question 1 : How might risk taking by emerging adults be both destructive and beneficial? Provide specific examples for both destructive and beneficial risk taking in your discussion. Question 2: What generally happens to sibling relationships over the course of adulthood? Provide two examples to support your answer.

epidemiology discussion

  The mayor of your city wants to allocate funds to open several  curbside healthy food markets/ farmers markets based on the hypothesis  that people who utilize curbside healthy food markets/farmers markets  regularly (defined as once a week) for their groceries have healthier  weight and are likely to control of their weight as compared to […]

Nutrition class–Exam #4

Hello to whom: This is a Nutrition class exam  and it is over units chapters 11-15.. so please read the chapters and I am going to upload the Exam review also to help out on this exam.. optional   About the exam it has Matching, True/False, Multiple choice questions on it and also it is […]


1) What is CODIS? List and describe the three-tier structure inherent with CODIS. 2) Describe the two (2) key indices that CODIS relies upon. Which index contains the greatest number of DNA     profiles? Why? 3) Analyze the process involved with a DNA “hit” in the CODIS system. 4) Perform independent research regarding the future […]

term paper 2

Term Paper:  You are required to submit a three-page summary of a video entitled “Cracking the code of life”         . Your summary should be double-spaced, font 12, 1-inch margin, and in Times New Roman. Your summary will consist of three sections: Introduction (10pts), summary (20pts), and conclusion (10pts). The summary […]

Bio Discussion 7&8

You must have at least 4 meaningful sentences in the discussion.  Discussions must be in Microsoft Word and must be an original answer no plagiarism.  Primary Postings should include either a concise summary of information from the textbook or an analysis of the topic under study.  Please don’t use long quotations.  Please note within the […]