Biology Project

I have a biology project; I need it to be done by tomorrow. Find the attachment. Write it as simple as possible.


The Assignment For this assignment answer the following questions in complete well thought out sentences. Provide educated references as needed. A grading rubric is provided below.  Compare and contrast the following terms:              Gross pathology  Histo-Pathology             General Pathology             Special Pathology             Clinical Pathology             Physiological Pathology             Forensic Pathology Using your Taber’s Cyclopedic […]

Food Intoxication and Infection

  Food intoxication is a result of consumption of toxins produced in food by bacterial growth.  What are the differences between food intoxication and food infection? Explain this distinction in detail. Provide at least three specific examples of each.   A.    Food Intoxication:   1.         The specific organism The disease and its symptoms Patient […]

Enviromental Issue

Identify an environmental issue facing your community.   Imagine that you have been asked to educate the members of your community on this environmental issue. Create an at least 12-slide presentation about your selected environmental issue. Include the following in your presentation:An overview of your selected issue. (2 pts)The effects of human activities on your community (2 pts) and the biosphere (2 […]

Testing your comprehension

Answer all questions   1.List and describe the seven general categories of toxic substances described in this chapter link for information:;vnd.vst.idref=P7000494781000000000000000001A79%5D!/4/2%5BP7000494781000000000000000001A79%5D 2. Describe and contrast the processes of bioaccumulation and biomagnification. 3.Explain the dose-response curve. Why do endocrine- disrupting chemicals such as BPA pose challenges for toxicology? 4.What factors may affect an individual’s response to […]