Speak and Inspire Review

You will want to be willing to ask yourself the tough questions of what bad habits do you have that you need to work on. It is a great idea as well to call upon some friends or associates for feedback. Make a list for yourself of things that come to mind and then be […]

energy drink

Subject: Energy drinks Topic is: ‘Energy drinks is a promising business niche.’ Type of assignment: essay (descriptive essay). The paper must have an introduction, a thesis statement(underlined), body paragraphs, each having it’s own idea and conclusion. Please make smooth transitions from one idea to another. – Include a title page, an outline and reference page […]

team 2

  Identify and research a LOCAL policy from an area that you are familiar with or are interested in (your hometown, where you live now, where you want to live in the future). Most local laws are called “ordinances” or “municipal codes” so using those terms in your search might help you find local policies.  […]

essay questions

2 pages 1. In two complete paragraphs •Describe 3 ways human activity is causing the 6th mass extinction on Earth. . •And 3 things we can do to reduce our impact and slow the loss of biodiversity. .   2. The amphipathic properties of soap facilitates the mixing of oil and water, allowing us to […]

week 4 biology

Examine three (3) differences between DNA and RNA then explain two (2) main reasons why DNA is the most favorable molecule for genetic material. Next suggest how RNA compares to DNA in regards to genetic material. please make 75 words or better.

Careers Essay

 Careers Essay (of 1500 words structured as given).  This can only pass if there are proper references and a low plagiarism level.  

Nutriton Discussion Board

For Biology Nutrition… Needs to be lengthy but more like a big paragraph for each question!   1. What are some unique challenges we face in the realm of nutritional health for children? Address specific challenges we face today. (development of poor eating habits, processed foods, etc..) 2. What are some unique challenges we face […]