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Answer one of the four questions at the end of the case study



In the Module 4 Case assignment you will have the opportunity to explore the new era of personalized medicine that uses genetic mapping to determine medical treatment. Watch the NOVA video: Cracking Your Genetic Code to learn more about the genetic technology available to us and what it means for medicine, ethics, and the future of human society.

After watching this video, proceed to the following resource and address the topics below in a  2-3 page paper Explain what a genetic mutation is and the difference between inherited mutations versus point mutations.Describe how the technology explained in “Cracking Your Genetic Code” can be used to detect mutations and predict your health.Form an opinion on whether or not you support utilizing genetic mapping to develop personalized medical treatment.  Find evidence to support your opinion and cite your sources.  What dangers do you see dangers in knowing our personal genome?Assignment Expectations

This paper should be approximately 2-3 pages long and reflect the information contained in the resources provided above.  When summarizing the information you read from the Nature website, NOVA video, or any resources you use to support your opinions, be sure to synthesize the information into your own words, and cite the references.   Please use complete sentences and write your paper in essay format using subheadings to organize the required topics.


health of sciences

Fitness Factors            

1. Explain each health-related factor of physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition)

2. Give at least three (3) examples of specific exercises to improve each factor.

Please separate each factor into a new paragraph.

3. List and define the Skill-related of fitness (i.e. Balance, agility, power, etc…).

4. List 15 specific physical benefits of exercise (i.e. lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, etc…).

5. Explain the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

6. What are the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 7.

Explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic AND give three (3) examples of exercises that are aerobic as well as three examples of exercises that are anaerobic.

8. Explain how you could gage the proper intensity for your workout (i.e. Training heart rate, etc…). What is your personal training heart rate range and explain how you determined that range?

9. Explain the difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

10. Explain the following methods of determining body composition: bioelectrical impedance , hydrostatic weighing, skinfold measurements, and Body Mass Indexing (BMI).


7 – Skeletal System


1. How many ribs make up the rib cage?

2. What is the name of the bone labeled “#2”?

3. What two major organs does the rib cage protect?

4. If you were punched in the stomach, would your ribs protect you? Explain!

5. How many vertebrae can you count in this spine?

6. Label the 7 cervical vertebrae on your diagram.

(C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7)

7. Label the 12 thoracic vertebrae on your diagram.

(T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12)

8. Label the 5 lumbar vertebrae on your diagram.(L1, L2, L3, L4, L5)

9. Label the sacrum and coccyx on your diagram.

10. How many cartilage disks are in your spine?(Hint: you will need to count)

11. Identify the types of joints:

a. Elbow = 

b. Skull = 

c. Vertebrae = 

d. Hip =

12. Go to Busy Bones – Virtual Bones Lab then click on the “Virtual Bone Microscope”

13. Click on slide 1

a. What is the other name for Trabecular bone?

b. Describe the characteristics of 

i. Spongy bone

ii. Compact bone

14. Click on slide 2

a. Describe the epiphysis and its function.

b. Describe the growth plate and its function.

15. Click on slides 3 and 4

a. What do the osteoblasts do?

16. Click on slide 5, 7, and 8

a. Describe what is in the Haversian canals.

b. Describe the canaliculi and their function.

17. Click on slide 6

a. Describe the trabeculae and what fills this.


1. The skeleton is divided into 2 sections. The __________________ skeleton which includes the skull, ribs, sternum, and vertebrae, and the _______________________ skeleton which is mainly the limbs.

2. Go to Busy Bones – Virtual Bones Lab then click on the “Skeleton Viewer” to investigate the names and positions of the various bones. Label the skeleton below.


Biology Question

 HW    IS      DUE     JAN/9/18           10AM     LOS ANGELES TIME ZONE 


Read the article linked below.

For this discussion, you should address: How informed do you think you are about the issues presented in this article? What didn’t you know prior to reading? How informed do you think you are compared to the “average” college student? How could the community (school, health care professionals, media) better inform people like you about these issues? Be specific.




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Ecological Footprint Assignment

Our ecological footprint is a way to measure the impact humans have on the natural environment. Every day, millions of Canadians drive their vehicles to work, school, or entertainment venues, which creates greenhouse gases and consumes non-renewable resources. These behaviours, and many other consumption habits, all contribute to our ecological footprint. Many experts believe that we are consuming more resources each year than the Earth can produce.

The topic of the paper is about the effect of rapid population growth in the suburbs on local environments. Your task is to explore the relationships that exist between population growth, personal consumption, technological development, and our ecological footprint and write an opinion paper based on your findings. 

Below are a couple of links to sites that may help you in organizing your opinion paper. If you have any questions, please contact me. The paper should be about 3-4 pages excluding the title page and references page. All citations should be embedded and in APA format.

All information and relevant data are to be included in a logically sequenced manner.  In your writing, it is important to use appropriate writing style, tone, and scientific terminology.  Conduct your research using reliable, peer-reviewed and industry sources and ensure that sources listed in your reference list are directly related to information presented in your paper.  Use the appropriate referencing style for science to cite your sources.


discussion board 3

Discussion Board 3: DNA

After reading the prompt below, post your answer using about 200 words. Post your initial response at least 24 hours prior to the assignment due date, then return to respond to another classmate’s post with about 50 words. Make sure to address them with their first name and sign your response with your own first name.   

Doctors and scientists now have the ability to sequence a person’s DNA to look for abnormalities. One common example of genetic testing is screening for an extra chromosome 21 in human fetuses. This test is used to detect if a child will have Down’s Syndrome. Do some research and describe another example of genetic testing. What specifically do they look for in the DNA? How can genetic testing be beneficial and how far should we take it? 

This discussion board is worth five points.


biology in the news


Biology in the News 

The biology concepts presented in this course encourage you to make the connection between textbook biology and biology that appears in daily newspapers and weekly periodicals. This assignment will encourage you to make the connection between the textbook and the world you live in and to recognize how science and technology influence and contribute to modern culture. 

This assignment is worth 20 points.  Late work will count half credit.

Select an article from a current newspaper, periodical, or the Internet which correlates with the content of one or more units of instruction covered in the course. Appropriate sources are any major newspaper, news website, scientific magazines, or any other major news source for the public. 

Tips on choosing an article

– Article MUST relate to content presented in class

– Article is an appropriate length for the assignment (not a tiny blurb, not 10 pages long)

– Article MUST BE less than 3 months old

– Article is news, not reference material, and from a reputable source

– Article MUST be readable by the general public, not scholarly. 

Your essay should consist of the following three items:

1) A cover page, including your name, course and section number, date and instructor name 

in the upper right corner, the title of the article centered on the page, and works cited or bibliography at the bottom of the cover page. 

2) The body of your essay, which should consist of three carefully prepared paragraphs, each a 

minimum of 4 sentences, double spaced. 

Paragraph one: Summarize the article with the who?, what?, when?, where?, why?, and how? of the main ideas in the article. 

Paragraph two: Correlate the article with a unit of instruction covered in class. Give specific information you learned in class, citing the text and or lab manual sources, and explain how it helps you understand the article, or contradicts the article. 

Paragraph three: Give your personal reaction and explain why the content of this article is important to you, your friends, or family. This involves relating the topic of the article to real life, by answering two or more of the following questions. 

1. Did the article make you aware of things you had not thought of before?

2. Did the article change your mind or feelings about the topic?

3. Was the article about something you have experienced personally?

4. Did the article address any ethical, value, or public policy issues?

5. Do you agree or disagree with arguments presented in your article? Explain. 6. If you were “in charge”, how would you proceed with the information in the article? 

3) A copy of the article must be attached, either copy and paste at the end of the article, or attach as a separate article. 

This assignment must be your own work. No plagiarism will be tolerated. Papers that the instructor determines contain plagiarism in any part will be given a zero for the entire paper. See for more information on what is plagiarism. Do NOT cut and paste information from any source into your paper. Use your own words to relay information from the article, text or any other source. Then cite the source of that information using a standard citation format.


UV Data Analysis


Create a paper that explains the U-V levels in your zip code. This should include data collection from January 14th to April 14th. 

 Visit the UV Index forecast map 

Enter your zip code or city name and state and log the UV Index forecast for your community for seven days. Days listed in attached file. Graph the UV Index forecast versus time (days). How does the UV index vary day-to-day? Record any noticeable trends or significant observations.  

The paper should be organized as follows:

Title Page


Table of Contents



   1. Material and Methods

   2. Data Collection

   3. Data Analysis

   4. Results


   discuss how results you present can possibly affect the people in your zip code area.


   Data Sheets

   Data Analysis  To include: mean, mode, median, range, standard deviation, frequency distribution, graphing, same variance, moving average

   Map of Macon, Georgia 31216

   Demographics of Macon, Georgia 31216

4-5 pages total