In the Module 4 Case assignment you will have the opportunity to explore the new era of personalized medicine that uses genetic mapping to determine medical treatment. Watch the NOVA video: Cracking Your Genetic Code to learn more about the genetic technology available to us and what it means for medicine, ethics, and the future of […]

health of sciences

Fitness Factors             1. Explain each health-related factor of physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition) 2. Give at least three (3) examples of specific exercises to improve each factor. Please separate each factor into a new paragraph. 3. List and define the Skill-related of […]

7 – Skeletal System

   1. How many ribs make up the rib cage? 2. What is the name of the bone labeled “#2”? 3. What two major organs does the rib cage protect? 4. If you were punched in the stomach, would your ribs protect you? Explain! 5. How many vertebrae can you count in this spine? 6. […]

Biology Question

 HW    IS      DUE     JAN/9/18           10AM     LOS ANGELES TIME ZONE  MUST BE ONLY HALF A PAGE  Read the article linked below. For this discussion, you should address: How informed do you think you are about the issues presented in this article? What didn’t you know prior to reading? How informed do you think you are […]


please contact me via whatsapp for further details. +1(615)648-3690   I have this assignemnt due, it is very crucial towards my overall grade for class.  Really no knowledge in immunology is needed, all it is, is that there are a list of topics that we need to write a pareagrapsh about. WIth a works cited […]

Ecological Footprint Assignment

Our ecological footprint is a way to measure the impact humans have on the natural environment. Every day, millions of Canadians drive their vehicles to work, school, or entertainment venues, which creates greenhouse gases and consumes non-renewable resources. These behaviours, and many other consumption habits, all contribute to our ecological footprint. Many experts believe that […]

discussion board 3

Discussion Board 3: DNA After reading the prompt below, post your answer using about 200 words. Post your initial response at least 24 hours prior to the assignment due date, then return to respond to another classmate’s post with about 50 words. Make sure to address them with their first name and sign your response with your […]

biology in the news

   Biology in the News  The biology concepts presented in this course encourage you to make the connection between textbook biology and biology that appears in daily newspapers and weekly periodicals. This assignment will encourage you to make the connection between the textbook and the world you live in and to recognize how science and […]

UV Data Analysis

  Create a paper that explains the U-V levels in your zip code. This should include data collection from January 14th to April 14th.   Visit the UV Index forecast map  Enter your zip code or city name and state and log the UV Index forecast for your community for seven days. Days listed in […]