The Favorite Foods Diet

All-or-Nothing. This kind of reasoning is the foundation The Favorite Foods Diet for perfectionism. An all-or-nothing individual views the world as black or white. Since there is no allowance for gray areas, the behavior is either perfect or a failure. “I’ve ruined my diet by eating all that pizza. I can’t stay on a diet […]


 1. SCIENCE:  what exactly happened  genetically (do not list symptoms)  to the the first generation women when they were given the DES?   EXPLAIN.   2.  LEGAL :  could any of these groups  SUE? which ones?    WHAT SHOULD the argument be if they sue? Who would  win? WHY? What should the settlement be (not just money)? What […]

Research paper

chose a topic and review the biochemistry procces  behind 

Diagram and Organism Paper

Locate a diagram of an organism that has the main organs and structures labeled. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper identifying the structures and functions of the main organs found in your selected organism. Explain how the organism in the diagram has evolved physiologically to become suited to its environment. Reference the diagram you located in your […]

bio paper

I need to write a paper about PANDA.   Instruction is given below.Your position paper should be from 3 pages in length! (Reference page excluded)Provide evidence as to why the animal has become endangered and emphasize the effects of habitat loss. What is being proposed to save its habitat? What is currently known on this […]

Lab report Biology

I want Introduction (2 pages) and Discussion (2 pages). Follow the Guidelines.  Also 3 References, 2 in the introduction and 1 in the discussion or the opposite.