In order to understand environment and population the understanding of organizing and categorizing biodiversity, biomes, and ecosystems will contribute to the major understandings of what environmental threats that could have either a positive or negative effect of each. Mentioned in Week One, the understanding of evolutionary relationships allows ecologist to make predictions about specific organisms […]


Imagine that you are working in a neurology clinic. One of the neurologists tells you that as his or her practice is expanding, he or she is having difficulty meeting the education needs of his or her patients. Part of this problem is explaining the basic neuroanatomical structures to the patients in layperson’s language so […]

1 page reflection about healthy eating quiz

Please write a brief 1 page single-spaced summary of your outcome including the points earned  Note: DO NOT copy and paste the results from the quiz, the summary is your interpretation of the results High school English. no plagiarism. the quiz result is attached. 

Ebola haemorrhagic fever. (Links to an external site.) Explore the site, especially the Disease Outbreak News which will describe current outbreaks being watched around the world. At the bottom of the home page, click on All Facts Sheets, go to Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Write a 600 word paper summarizing in your own words the aspects of this […]

Unit 4.3 DB: GM Food

It is almost too easy!  Of course I am going to ask you to discuss Genetically Modified Organisms!  Please read the following article from Vanity Fair (2008).  The article is a little long, but if you are not familiar with the Monsanto Company and their Round-up ready seeds (genetically modified to resist the pesticide Round […]

Homework 5

  Complete the following and submit the Word document by midnight Sunday. Remember to include complete citations for all sources used to answer each question. 1. Explain the four roles that DNA plays in cells? How are these roles influenced by DNA’s structure? Be sure you demonstrate your understanding of DNA’s structure in your answer. 2. Match […]

Microbiology Discussion

This discussion is prompted by two articles. The first article entitled “Genetic variation in chromosome Y regulates susceptibility to influenza A virus infection” by Krementsov et al. introduces the genetic components of human susceptibility to Influenza A virus. The second paper by Lindor et al discusses questions surrounding the increasing genome sequencing information available to […]

SCIN packet

Complete all the activities in this lab instruction packet: SCIN 130 Lab 1: The Scientific Method.  Work through the instruction packet step by step. Record your results in the worksheet as you progress through this instruction packet.

types of genetic effect

There are two types of genetic drift. Describe and give an example of both the bottle neck effect and the founder effect. Your assignment should be 250-500 words in length