Lab-4. Seeds

Collect a variety of seed tags. Take photos of the seed tags. Identify what the seed tags are showing. Summarize which information and tags are most helpful and why. Include what information would be helpful to have but is not included. Discuss what you can learn from a tag and what would be helpful.  

BIO 101 Organism Physiology Paper (Structure and Functions of Organs)

Identify  an organism that lives within 50 miles of your home. Write  a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper about how the organism has adapted to survive in their specific environment. Include the following points in your paper: ·         Briefly describe the environment (temperature, landscape, food sources, etc.) and describe the organism’s role in the environment. Determine […]

What to Do When Depression and Anxiety Mix?

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exam for communicable diseases control course

i need help on exam. i will send the picture for the questions in the same time of the exam. Exam length 2 hours and 15 minute. the questions information its comes from the powerpoint slides, i will send it to you by email before the exam.  exam formation about 50 multiple choice question or […]

Ghandi Discussion

  As a background for Gandhi it would be helpful if you watch the Academy Award winning film entitled Gandhi from 1982. This will give you a sense of his history, development and context as well as some of most powerful events of his career. In what sense can Gandhi’s life be considered a success? […]

Bravo Brians

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assessing a research study!!!!!! helppp

assessing a research study1) Choose a research study article of interest to you. 2) Refer to the study you choose and complete “Assessing a Research Study.” 3) Identify an article that directly references your chosen study and compare it to your findings. Does this article refute or confirm the study’s findings? 4) Write a paper […]

Biology Animal Behavior Essay ( due tonight at 11:59)

Propose one hypothesis that researchers studying animal behavior could examine using the help of citizen science volunteers. (2 points)  Describe the experimental design needed to test this hypothesis using citizen science. Be sure to include: (a) the role of the citizen science volunteers in the experiment (b) the type of data to be collected and […]