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Biol 1408 due tomorrow

This discussion has 2 parts that should total 200 words in 2 paragraphs. In Part 1, answer the questions in paragraph form using about 100 words. In part 2, read the prompt and discuss your thoughts in an additional 100 words. Once you have submitted your initial post, return to read the posts of others.  […]


Organisms can be beneficial or harmful to humans. For this discussion, you will research the Internet and choose  ONE  organism from one of the following groups: Prokaryotes, Protists, Plants, or Fungi that is beneficial or harmful to humans. Do not write about the group organisms in general. You may  NOT choose an organism in the […]

equation of photosynthesis

(7) write out the general summary equation for photosynthesis? (2) name the by-products from photosynthesis? (2)give another name for the light reaction? (2) give another name for the dark reaction? (4) identify he fuctions for the following molecules: RuBP, NADP, Chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b (1) what is the name of the plant organelle that […]