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Review relevant literature on your chosen topic and provide an annotated bibliography. Include at least 15 sources in your bibliography.

MHA 6501 Unit VII Research Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you a glimpse into real issues that are faced by Health Care Administrators. In this assignment, you are encouraged to gather more information about your organization and an issue that the organization is trying to overcome (see suggested topics). This assignment will also afford you the opportunity to connect via email or by phone with a professional working in a career that interests you.


I. Choose a topic in Health Care Administration. Contact a local health care organization and ask if you could interview a manager or administrator. When contacting the organization, identify yourself as a student in Columbia Southern University’s MBA program. Briefly describe your objective when interviewing the manager. Let your interviewee know that you will keep all identifying details (such as his/her name and the name of the organization) confidential. You will need to report the type of organization and the title of the person in which you interviewed.


Topics to consider include:

·         Outsourcing

Employee Shortage

Conflict resolution

·         Regulatory Issues

·         Privacy and Security Health Information Technology

·         Leadership

·         Employee Morale

·         Alliances

·         Quality Improvement Initiatives

·         Employee Motivation

·         Globalization


You should be sure to ask for background information on your selected topic, detailed notes on how the organization is approaching the issue, what has been done so far, and how it has helped. Also ask what is the next plan of action and how is it perceived to help the organization.


Complete this section by Unit II.

II. Review relevant literature on your chosen topic and provide an annotated bibliography. Include at least 15 sources in your bibliography.


Complete this section by Unit III

III. Write about your organization’s history, mission, vision, culture, and structure.


Complete this section by Unit IV.

IV.  In Unit III, you completed an annotated bibliography in which you provided a summary for 15 journal articles on your chosen research topic. Here, you will write an eight page literature review on your topic. The review should be a synthesis of information that you learned from reading the articles. The review should be written in your own words and include in-text citations as appropriate. Refer to the literature review rubric for guidelines.

Complete this section by Unit V

V. Discuss how a problem facing the organization impacts your organization. Discuss how your topic of choice (a problem facing the organization) impacts your organization. Discuss how the organization is dealing with this problem. Discuss your recommendations for this organization. Your discussion should be at least three pages in length. Be sure to back your recommendations with research.


The complete assignment is due by Unit VII.



MHA 6501 Unit VII Discussion Board



Visit the YouTube website and search for the video titled, “Overcoming EHR Implementation Barriers: A CEO’s Story.” Discuss the barriers to implementation that is faced by this CEO. How did the CEO in this video overcome these barriers? How did this CEO gain buy-in and communicate with his staff? As a CEO of a similar organization, what might you have done to gain-buy in from your staff?


Biol 1408 due tomorrow

This discussion has 2 parts that should total 200 words in 2 paragraphs. In Part 1, answer the questions in paragraph form using about 100 words. In part 2, read the prompt and discuss your thoughts in an additional 100 words. Once you have submitted your initial post, return to read the posts of others. 

1. Observe an ice cube or hold one in your hand.  This is water in a solid form, so it has a high structural order.  This means that the molecules cannot move very much and are in a fixed position.  The temperature of the ice is zero degrees celcius.  As a result, the entropy of the system is low. 

2. Allow the ice to melt at room temperature.  What is the state of molecules in the liquid water now?  How did the energy transfer take place?  Is the entropy of the system higher or lower?  Why?

3. If you were to heat the melted water to its boiling point, what would happen to the entropy of the system?

Part 2:

Think about the world around you. Give another every day example of entropy and explain how it relates to increasing disorder of energy. If all energy tends to become more disordered, how do we always have a supply of usable energy?


Be sure to thoroughly and thoughtfully answer the questions and use appropriate vocabulary. Be descriptive as much as possible.

One page for each question.

RNA polymerase has no proofreading capacity, unlike DNA  polymerase which does. How does this affect the error rate in transcription compared with DNA replication? Why do you think it is more important for DNA polymerase than for RNA polymerase to proofread? 

Describe the effect a silent, nonsense, and missense mutation has on the DNA and on the resulting protein. Show me how the flow of central dogma is affected in your 3 examples. If the protein can be affected in multiple ways, describe all of them. 

Explain how insertions and deletions can have either a HUGE effect on a protein or a very little. Be sure to mention the importance of the reading frame and how the reading frame is altered in various situations regarding insertions and deletions. Give examples, demonstrate the effect each has with an example. 


Assignment due for Sociology. Must use uploads. Must not be plagiarized. Due by 11/18/2018 @ 11am

Assignment 3: Social and Ethical Implications

Due in week 7 and worth 80 points

Continuing on your research from Weeks 3 and 5.

Provide an analysis of the social and ethical implications of your chosen biotechnology. Strive for an even-handed honest-broker approach in which you carefully analyze the possible benefits of the technology, as well as any possible drawbacks. For now, hold back on disclosing your point of view (you’ll get a chance to express your opinion in the final paper in Week 9).

For both benefits and drawbacks, state whether these are based on actual evidence, or based on speculation about possibilities. Consider the possible biases of both proponents and critics, if appropriate. Finally, address whether there any special ethical considerations that go beyond simply looking at the risks and benefits.

This assignment should be at least one page of double-spaced text (about 300 words) but not much more than two pages of double-spaced text (about 600 words). As always, think of the expected length as a proxy for how much to cover and how much detail to go into. In addition to your general remarks, you will need to go into depth on several issues to meet the expected length. Describe your points in a clear manner, and support them with explanations, examples, and discussions.

Hint: Merely providing a list of issues will not be sufficient for a good grade. You need to describe the issues fully, and support them.  Do not copy any bulleted lists from your sources.

You must have a reference section which contains an SWS reference to your chosen article and all other sources. Additionally, you must provide in-text citations (in SWS format) to your references in the body of the text. Integrate all sources into your paper using proper techniques of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing, along with your in-text citations.  Double-space your paper. Use standard margins and fonts. Also, follow any additional formatting instructions provided by your instructor.

Objectives evaluated by this assessment: Categorize a wide range of organisms, from single-celled to multi-celled organisms. Describe how organisms acquire and utilize both energy and material. Describe the cell cycle, cell reproduction, and control. Investigate DNA and gene expression as well as technologies based on our understanding of them. Discuss interactions between organisms in ecosystems.


5 page essay

my animal is red panda



Organisms can be beneficial or harmful to humans. For this discussion, you will research the Internet and choose  ONE  organism from one of the following groups: Prokaryotes, Protists, Plants, or Fungi that is beneficial or harmful to humans. Do not write about the group organisms in general. You may  NOT choose an organism in the Animal Kingdom. Therefore, it is to your advantage to choose your topic early in the week. In your initial post, describe the organism that you chose and why or how they are beneficial or harmful to humans.  Make sure to include the species’ scientific name, its domain and kingdom (if eukaryotic), and information about the uniqueness of the species.  


250 to 300 words max, APA  format


equation of photosynthesis

(7) write out the general summary equation for photosynthesis?

(2) name the by-products from photosynthesis?

(2)give another name for the light reaction?

(2) give another name for the dark reaction?

(4) identify he fuctions for the following molecules: RuBP, NADP, Chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b

(1) what is the name of the plant organelle that chlorophyll can be found in?

(3) what are the raw materials that are needed for photosynthesis?

(1) what is the principle product made from photosynthesis?

(2) what are name of the layers that compose the mesophyll?

(4) during photosynthesis what bands of the light specturm are absorbed by plants?

(2) during photosynthesis what bands of the light specturm are reflected by plants?

(4) what are the characteristics of photosystem 11?

(3) what are characteristics of photosystem 1?

(4) what are the major components in the C4 pathway summary?

(4) what are the major components in the C3 pathway summary?7


Nearly instantaneous responses to changes in the environment

Nearly instantaneous responses to changes in the environment


bones grow in length at the _________ of the bone.They grow in diameter on the _______ surface of the bone.

bones grow in length at the _________ of the bone.They grow in diameter on the _______ surface of the bone.