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  Before responding to this discussion, please read the Scientific Method Tutorial and if needed review optional readings.  https://coursedev.umuc.edu/GNSC000/S4-The_Scientific_Method.html  Describe an example of how you use the scientific method in your daily life. Which observation(s) lead you to use the scientific method? State a good hypothesis, how you are testing the hypothesis (the experiment), results and […]

3. SPECIFIC BIOME REPORT (minimum 2 pages)- my biome is Tropical Rainforest

   Include the following: Ø The general definition of the selected biome topic  Ø Give a specific description/environmental conditions of the selected biome (Ex: annual rainfall, light conditions, temperature ranges, seasonal changes, etc) Ø Geographic locations on planet Earth where the selected biome would be found (Ex: hemispheres, countries, states, latitudes, etc) Ø Identifiable plant […]

BSC1005L Due tomorrow morning, would need it tonight 750 words

This assignment is designed to encourage students to apply the concepts they learn in class to other topics beyond the scope of the course. Pick one of the two options listed below, and delve further into that topic by researching and writing a short research paper (minimum of 750 words, excluding references) in response to […]


  Assignment 1: Biology Article Due Week 5 and worth 120 points Use the Internet and / or the Strayer Learning Resource Center to research aspects of biology. Select  an article from a magazine or newspaper that has something in it that  pertains to biology. This will serve as the “target article” for this  assignment. […]


I. Introduction: For this part of the assessment, you will examine the role of wellness in society and how it influences aspects of culture and the individual. To help guide your analysis, you will explore a topic that has been discussed in this course (factors that support or challenge wellness, wellness through the lens of […]

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I need a professional writer with background in biology or has familiarity with cladograms. 

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choose an infectious or other disorder of the digestive system.  Instead of posting a question for someone else to answer, POST #5-Post the name of your disease/disorder, POST #6- then your 100 word minimum post which is a summary of the etiology (look it up) of your disease/disorder.  I want to know how one acquires […]