Biology 2 questions

Life offers us choices, and what an older part of the forebrain, the limbic system , chooses is to feel better  right away. The conscious forebrain, the cerebral cortex, knows that this can be short-sighted and plunge us into the pain of a fight, a disease, or buying too much, but the frontal lobe is often too […]

Biology help

Read the article by Kaplan (2016) about physiological adaptations in humans that support the energy needs of our large brains. Describe two things you learned from the video, and what these things teach us about evolution   Kaplan, S. (2016, May 04). The evolutionary key to our big brains and long lives: a faster metabolism. […]


Scientific inquiry in biology starts by observing the living species around you. What separates science from the other methods of seeking truth is that it is testable (e.g., one can devise experiments to test the validity of an idea); it is falsifiable (e.g., an experiment can reveal if an idea is false); and it involves […]


                      1.Create a brochure about human society’s impact on ecosystems and the costs and benefits of human enterprise. Include the following:Explain how ecosystem degradation and loss results from human society.Describe the effects of human activity on plants, animals, and ecosystem dynamics, and provide specific examples.Describe the […]