biology quiz

    Question 1 (5 points)       A karyotype ______.   Question 1 options:    compares one set of chromosomes to another.   of a normal human cell shows 48 chromosomes.   is a photograph of cells undergoing mitosis during anaphase.   cannot be used to identify individual chromosomes beyond the fact that […]

kinesiology and nutrition

i need you make table for 5 days chart    nutrition what you eat in all this 5 days        other table shows sleeping for 5 days    and exercise for 5 days    conclution    Ask me for details , see the files attached 

Botany and Zoology questions!

Write a three-paragraph (one page) report on spider silk, including such items as its strength, its composition, and its origins.    What do the circular muscles do for the movement of the earthworm?   What do the longitudinal muscles do for the movement of the earthworm?    What structure of the earthworm anchors it to […]


   To complete this portion of the project, choose a topic and create a Word document with a minimum of 500 words stating: 1. the disease, disorder, or condition you chose 2.why it is significant to you; 3.why it is significant to the general population- including information such as how many people are affected by […]

paper 1

Topic1: Why Branding is important in marketing?-APA Format, minimum of 4 sources-Minimum of 4 pages of double spaced content (not including, title, abstract, and reference sections)-Must have title, abstract, and reference sections. 

Week 5-103

 you may want to check out these videos about Punnett Squares: Learn Biology: How to Draw a Punnett Square: Gregor Mendel’s Punnett Square:  Complete this Mendelian Activity  (click on “Go to Animation” and then the Play button for each step of the activity, you can skip the pea example with two traits) before preparing your response […]

food and science

u need read the article and learn the topic post 5 question and comments  the research topic is ag trade and food aid  Agriculture trade and Food Aid are both very complicated and interwoven topics.   On the surface you may think that open trade and then helping those in need are the obvious best […]