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Theme 1 Addresses Course Outcomes 1-3: 1. identify properties involved in maintaining homeostasis in order to recognize how certain factors contribute to cancer 2. recognize the complexity of cancer and assess current approaches for screening, diagnosis, and treatment in order to adopt appropriate lifestyle strategies 3. apply knowledge of causes, development, and progression of cancer […]


Research the various types of collective behavior of individuals in society.  Creating a table with the different types of collective behavior.  In addition, find an article related to one type of collective behavior. Design a short audiovisual presentation based one the article you found. Briefly state what the article is about and why you think […]

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8 Questions a Paragraph for each questions:   1)  Why is it SO hard to talk about sex? Since SEX is such a Taboo subject, some individuals may be participating in risky behavior without understanding the possible consequences or how to protect themselves and their partner. Should appropriate sex-talk destigmatized?? What do you think??   2)  Read the article on Female […]

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Bio 105- Please answer 50-60 words each.   1. Human Exponential Population Growth   Prior to 1950, the death rate was high, which kept the numbers of humans from increasing rapidly. In the 19th Century, the agricultural revolution increased food production. The industrial revolution improved methods of transporting food and other good. In the 20th […]

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After reviewing the articles and watching the video below answer the following essay questions.  Please be thorough with your answers. These questions can be submitted online as a Word Document or a PDF File. Please include your name, date, and course number on your assignment (single spaced).  The content of your assignment must be at […]

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I need a essay regarding Biotransformation and the process as it relates to toxic substances. essay should be 3-5 pages in length (not including title or reference page). Three references. APA format. I need it no later than 11 tonight. 


  Create a mind map of your chosen topic for a presentation, an essay assignment or a public health education program. Chosen topic is    Hypertension as a cardiovascular diseases topic   Check attachment for further details   You can just google hypertension mind map (there several mindmaps  created) I just need an original one