implementation of probability in real life

12 Implementations of Probability in Real Life

Probability is the likelihood of any event occurring.There are so many types of probability for instance, when you toss a coin, the probability of the outcome will either be a tail or a head. Probability is widely used in study areas such as finance, statistics, computer science, and philosophy, but have you ever thought about how probability is applied in real life?

There are several events in real life where we apply probability by predicting the outcomes of events. The possibility of the outcome occurring may be uncertain or specific. Some of the real-life probability examples include.


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1. Weather Forecasting

Meteorologist all over the world uses probability to forecast the weather. You have found yourself before moving out for date checking the weather predictions so that you can determine the type of attires to wear. Suppose the meteorologists say that there is a 70% chance of rain.

The 70% is not just a number; rather, meteorologists derive the 70% probability using specific techniques and tools. The probability figure is determined by looking at the previous historical databases, comparing days with similar humidity, temperature, and pressure, and discovering that it had rained in 70 out of 100 similar days.

2. Politics

Every time elections are around; various political analysts will come up with different probabilities on the outcome of the results of the elections. For example, they may predict a certain aspirant will win an election.

Having those predictions is not rocket science but its work of probability. From the data they collect from citizens, they will analyze it and derive the probabilities of each candidate.

3. Flipping a Dice or a Coin

implementation of probability - flip dice

You have witnessed in most matches flipping a coin is a crucial event before the match begins. The coin is mostly used to determine which side of the field will specific team start. There is no guarantee either tail will come or not.

Both the tail and the head have a 50% chance of occurring. The probability theory of either having a tail or a head is 0.5. Similarly, when using dice, the probability that the desired number will occur is 1 out of 6.

4. Insurance

Most people use probability to determine which insurance plan fits them and their families. For example, Cigarette smokers are on a high chance of contracting lung diseases; therefore, instead of having a house or car insurance, they will go for health insurance since their probability of getting sick is high.

Similarly, in recent days, many people are having their phones insured since the probability of getting stolen is high.

5. Lottery Tickets

There has been an increase in lottery games for the last few years, but losing or winning a lottery is all about probability. In most lottery games, players should pick different figures from a specific range. You will be the jackpot winner if all your selected number in the ticket corresponds with the winning ticket in the lottery.

The likelihood of you picking the correct numbers can be determined by probability.

6. Playing Cards

implementation of probability - cards

Since childhood, you have played cards, and maybe you have never realized you can calculate your winning chance through probability. If you randomly pick one of 52 cards, there is a probability you will get the card that you desire. Some of the probability examples in cards are: there are four aces in the deck, so the probability of picking up an ace among the 52 cards is 4/52. The probability of picking other cards will be 48/52.

7. Probability in Medicine

When you attend a hospital or chemist, the doctor will give you medicines to cure the illness and boost immunity. To determine the risk factor of the medicine to your body, doctors use the probability technique.

8. Sporting Games

Before placing a bet, punters usually analyze the weaknesses and strengths of a team or player. By using probability, they will predict which team will win based on the team’s performance and the squad’s fitness.

The team coaches will also use probability to determine their weakest and strong areas.

9. Probability in Battling Average

Batting average is a word in cricket that stands for the number of splints a batter will achieve before getting out. Probability is commonly used by banters to determine their running success. For instance, if in the previous match boundaries, a batsman had achieved 50 runs out of 100, the is a probability that he would achieve 50% of his runs in the next game.

10. Sales Forecasting

The salesperson or marketing persons push for their products to increase sales. They use the probability technique to see how a product is doing in the market. Using probability techniques is vital in forecasting the future of the business.

11. Calculating Car Accidents

In the past decade, car accidents rates have rapidly increased. Road experts and researchers have been using probability to calculate the likelihood of perishing in a road accident. For example, if a city has one hundred thousand people, and the death rate resulting from car accidents is 600. The probability of being killed in a car accident is 600/100000, which is 0.006%.

Therefore, a person living in that town has a 0.006% chance of dying in a road accident.

12. Natural Disasters

You have often seen environmental departments of different countries warning their residents about the likelihood of a natural disaster. The environmental department uses probability to determine the possibility of that natural disaster happening—for example, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

If the probability of the natural disaster occurring is high, they will advise the residents to vacate or avoid a certain area to mitigate its effects.

Take Away

The importance of probability in our daily lives cannot be disputed. Therefore, in your probability assignment, you should ensure you understand the whole concept, which will help you in your real-life situations.